Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May Garage Day

We had our last garage day on Saturday.  We don't meet during the summer months as everyone is here and there and everywhere during the summer.  Only four of us could get together, but what fun we had.

Once everyone arrived, the show and tell started.

Karin had two finishes this time.  We had been giving her a hard time in getting some finishes done.  The garage girls had been on my case and now it was Karin's turn.  She was just bidding her time because she knew she had two items at the LAer and didn't she show us up.  She spent the day binding.  Yay Karin!

 Darlene (in pink shirt) showed us her top that she is making for her Mom. 
Jeanne showed us her quilt that she is donating to the Children's Mental Health Unit at the hospital.  Jeanne will be 75 next week.  Happy Birthday, Jeanne!
Darlene's progress on her La Pasacalagia top (centre).  The lone block on the left is from a workshop that we took last week with Carla Alexiuk and the block is from Carla's pattern River Rocks.  I have a block too but haven't written about it yet.
I brought in my next quilt that will get binding on soon. 
Karin didn't see this top (she winters in Florida) when I showed it to the garage girls back in February, so brought it in to show her.
The garage girls got to see my progress on my EPP project.
For over a month now, this box has been sitting in my studio waiting for a garage day.  My friend, Mary (no blog Mary) in Toronto sent this parcel to me with instructions to open only on a garage day.  She even gave instructions to my husband not to open it.  She knows him too well!  LOL
So, what was inside?  Socks, compacts, glue, and nail files for all the garage girls.  What fun we had pulling everything out.  Thank you, Mary!
For lunch, we went to Ivan's Restaurant which is close by.  For those of you that watch Cardinal on T.V., this restaurant was used as a location in the series (but I can't remember what they renamed it).  After lunch it was back to the garage for more sewing.  What a day!

On a sad note, my dentist's office called saying that my dentist, Dr. Patel died suddenly.  He was in his early 50's.  What a shock.  A week ago, a tooth was giving me grief and I'm due to go back for a root canal.  He did give me a prescription for antibiotics as I'm off for a week's vacation in Grenada on Saturday.  Thank you Dr. Patel for doing that for me and it will tide me over until the new dentist can deal with my problelm.  Root canal I can deal with as there have been many in my lifetime .... but his life is now over.  So sad.

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Chookyblue...... said...

What great show and tell........ Garage days are wonderful........
To young for your dentist to die ......

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous show and tell......I love the first quilt specially! Sad about your dentist, he should have had so much ahead of him still. We watched series two of Cardinal just this week, it's quite dark but I like it. We were trying to pick any locations we knew.

Teresa said...

Beautiful quilts. Always so much fun to get together with quilting buddies.

Kyle said...

You and the garage girls certainly put on good show and tell!