Monday, January 1, 2018

A new start

No .... I'm not starting anything new just yet .... but there is something coming up soon .... more on that later.

2017 was a good year.  I started the year with 31 tops waiting to be quilted.  To date, the total is 19 with 4 tops at a LAer for her to do her magic.  Like I said ... a very good year!

So, this is my record for me to look back at the end of 2018 and see just how well I did.  I still have 2 quilts that need binding (they are not on this screen photo) and they will be done during the month of January when is is minus crazy outside and I need something on my lap to help keep me warm.

Now, in the UFO department .... yikes .... my count is 40!  That total will only grow.  I really do plug away at some of them.  Just not fast enough for my liking.  Now, how many of you out there in quilt land have that many or even more ufo's?  I know that there are a number of you who can keep me company.  Yep, you know who you are!

A record of all my quilting items are on my computer and I like to glace at them often to decide what really should get done.  A visual aid helps me a lot better than a piece of paper.  

So, am I going to put down on paper my goals for 2018?  Not a chance.  I have burned myself way too many times on that.  LOL  Live and learn!  I will just plug away at these tops and ufo's and see how well I do.  That is all that I'm going to do.

What am I working on right now?  

My snowball project.  Not much has changed since I last showed this.  Four blocks did get done, but when I went to iron them, my iron went caput.  So, I will need to replace that item soon.
These hexagons that I won way back in 2009 from Marcie Patch.   Hi Marcie!  Marcie doesn't blog anymore but she still designs quilts that appear in quilting magazines from time-to-time.  My intention was to make a queen size quilt and fabric to match that era of her fabrics were found.  Then, they sat in a bin until now that it has been decided to just make a big lap quilt.  There will be applique borders on the top and bottom to make the quilt a good length.  The extra fabrics that were purchased will instead be used for a backing.
What else?

A triangle quilt for a niece.  The colours were given to me and into my stash I went looking to see what could be pulled.  A few f/q's were purchased to help round out the look.
 A simple triangle quilt.
 With a twist!  Ah ha ....
So, that is all right now.  Lots to keep me busy during our cold winter months ahead.

I did receive a few quilty items for Xmas.

Isn't this sign amazing!  My niece made it for me.
Another niece gave me these socks.  They make me chuckle.
Have a great day and a great year!


Jennifer said...

Your nieces know you, for sure - what wonderful gifts! I like how the triangle quilt is coming along. Well, you have me beaten on the UFO front, I can't lay claim to anywhere near that many.......but having so many finishes this year was a great achievement.

julieQ said...

I can keep you company in the UFO department, but do not have them accounted for as well as you do! I have a plan to make progress this year, however!

Cathy said...

You might have a lot of UFO's left, but look how many of them you will finish in 2018! Great job getting so many finished!