Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hexies and January quilts

I am making great strides with my hexie project.  Just three more flowers to do and then I can start to play with top and bottom applique borders.  Thoughts and ideas are flitting around in my head right now.  More photos will be coming soon on that.  I am on a mission!
Since this is January and most of my Xmas quilts have come off the wall, I thought you might be interested to see what quilts are on the wall for this month.

In our foyer, these are what you see as soon as you enter our home.

On one dining room wall:
These are on the opposite side of the dining room.

In the living room looking towards the foyer.
When the sun shines on a cold winter day, our living room is blissful.  Cosy and warm.  This is where I do a lot of my computer work.
So, this is what our receptions rooms look like in January.

We have ordered new living room furniture (sofa and love seat).  Our cats did their best to destroy the arms and fronts of these pieces and as much as I have trimmed the shreds, it looks awful and it was time for new pieces.  This set was found on Kijiji and didn't cost very much and now that we no longer have pets, it was time to treat ourselves.  So, February will see new furniture and different quilts on the walls.

I can't show my studio as it is a MESS right now!  I've been busy and when I'm busy, well, fabric seems to explode out of their bins.  A mess means I'm very happy!!  LOL

Have a great day!


eloidastitches said...

Absolutely Loved seeing all the quilts on your walls!! Very cozy and colourful. Thanks for the little tour. Happy quilting. Can't see what's next. :)

Jennifer said...

Your living room looks so cosy with those touches of red, and yes - it does look nice and sunny, but I bet it's cold outside!

Karen said...

The tumbler quilt is wonderful. So many reds.