Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I do believe that I have entered into the realm of insanity.  Why?  How?  What happened?



With friends.

At this time, I won't go into detail.  Just give you a synopsis of the upcoming UFO's.  Oh yes, some of these are long term and that is why I know they will become UFO's.  LOL  Let's face it, that is reality.

So, to start off the list, here are Secret Quilt #1 and #2.  These will be revealed in June of this year.  I'm taking photos as I go and there will be lots to discuss at reveal time.

Antique Sampler by Sue Daley.  My Garage Girls friends Darlene and Claudia and no-blog Mary are joining me.
Dutch Treat by Judy Garden.  Meerkat Trading is holding this quilt-a-long and I'm using their shweshwe fabric which you can see behind the book.
My friend, Debra of Patchwork Sanity and I are doing this quilt.  We both saw this book at the Quilts by the Bay quilt show and we each bought the book.  A Simple Life.  Oh gosh, if only it was that simple.
My friend no-blog Mary and I are doing this quilt.  There is quite the story behind this quilt.  More to come on that.
How I got into this, I don't know?  Reluctantly for sure.  Anyway, this is supposed to be thread painting and I have until June to figure it out.
So, that is all my new projects for 2017.  Insane, right!  LOL LOL LOL

Just after Christmas, there was a meeting in the garage and my friend Claudia asked me about the pact that we had made last January 2016.  Oh, that pact.  We had agreed to take 4 UFO's and finish them in 2016.  Well ...... ummmmm .... here are the 4 that I had agreed on and guess what?  Not a stitch was made.  LOL LOL LOL  So, I guess I had better do something with them this year.  We'll see.  Claudia did better.  She finished hers.
So, what are you going to do in 2017?

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Have a great day!


eloidastitches said...

Oh my goodness!!! You ARE going to be VERY busy this year!!! I hope we get some "visits" with the garage girls again too. ;) Looking forward to reading about all your progress.

Deanna W said...

The "flair fiesta" pattern is a fun one. I have made the top and just have to quilt it. Maybe it will be one UFO for this year!

Teresa said...

They are all do these now trump all your other UFO's, haha. I will be looking forward to seeing the progress on each one.

Jennifer said...

Well, I look forward to seeing how they progress......even if they don't ~quite~ get finished!

Chookyblue...... said...

No idea what I am doing this year new wise....... Working on all the old stuff I suppose.....
Wow you have done amazing quilts to make there.... Girlfriend is doing the Dutch treat one..... Those blocks are small......

Tina said...

I'm LOL right along with you! I've still got my three 2016 UFOs waiting from last year and I too, did not take one stitch on them in 2016. They are on my new 2017 list! :)) I am going to enjoy seeing your progress on these gorgeous quilts - hopefully I'll get motivated watching you!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

I must admit Rose Marie, I read this post with a little trepidation...would I see another project to fall in love with when I already have my share. But whew no, all your new ones are already know to me with two on my list as well. I love that blue striking that would be with the white. But then all your quilts are beautiful.

Julie Fukuda said...

I hope your year is longer than mine. I can't imagine having enough time for even one of these projects!