Thursday, December 29, 2016

Secret quilts

Well, now that Xmas is over, I can finally share the finished quilts that were made a couple of weeks ago.

The sheep quilt for a grand-niece.  The pattern was in Quiltmaker Reader Favourites, Vol. 1, Summer 2015.  I changed the pattern (as usual) and am happier with the look.
This is the backing.  Perfect for a hexagon quilt.
This pattern was very easy and very quick to assemble.
There were a few missteps along the way and a bit of ripping out had to be done.
I love the sheep.  The sheep is made out of minky fabric that was given to me by a Garage Girl.  Go here to see how the sheep was made ready for applique.
It was a chore to work with to say the least, but the end result ..... well, priceless and so tactile.
In order to zig-zag the sheep in place, I had to resort to using a seam ripper in order to hold back the pile at the edge in order to stitch.
Afterwards, using my fingernail all along the zig-zag edges, the fuzz was fluffed up and all was back to normal.
This is the ruler that was used.  Very helpful.  I have since loaned the ruler, the pattern and the remaining minky fabric to a Garage Girl friend so that she can make the same quilt.
A close-up of a butterfly to hide a flaw in the fabric.  You would have never known.  LOL
The flowers.
Some hand quilting to secure the flowers.
Don't you just love this sun?  This pattern came from my EQ7 software program.
Then, we have Cain's quilt for a grand-nephew.  An original design by me.
Both quilts were machine quilted with a touch of hand quilting here and there.  What I can't well by machine, I can do by hand.
Take a close look at the rail fence blocks.  They were cut from a striped fabric.  Clever, eh!  I bet you will look at striped fabric differently now.  Why not let the striped fabric do all the work for you with great results.
A Thomas the Train pillowcase.  This is his $50.00 pillowcase.  Why $50.00?  Well, by the time the fabric came from the U.S., with the exchange rate into Canadian dollars, the shipping and customs, it was $50.00.  Not a bargain for sure, but Cain loves it and that is all that matters!
This is my new set-up in my studio for machine quilting.  I was able to crank out both quilts in one week.  That just blew me away.  The Styrofoam boards work great.  I'm able to rest one arm on the board beside me and the quilt has support beside me and in front of me.  Perfect solution.  There is a new trick to basting the quilt using Styrofoam boards and I will be showing you that process soon as there is another quilt ready for basting.
The Styrofoam board in front of me is supported on a step-ladder.  It worked very well to keep my quilt from falling down to the floor.
On Xmas morning, this lady received her sheep quilt.  This is the lady that has ohhhhhhed at my quilt in the dining room.  Once she saw her quilt, she turned and looked at me.  I think she associates quilts with me and her hands are doing a lot of pointing.  She can't talk yet, but her mind is working.
A closer inspection to really see the fine detail.
This guy couldn't stand still long enough for me to get a good photo.  A little excited, perhaps?
It was a great Xmas and so glad to have these two quilts done and gifted.

I'm linking to The Needlework and Thread Network.

Wishing you all the best for 2017.  2017!  Holy scrap .... where did this year go?

Have a great day!


eloidastitches said...

Wow! Beautiful quilts! The little sheep quilt is just so adorable. Love your changes, softens the look and makes the pattern look even more cheerful, and cuddly. Love the colours in the Cain quilt as well. Nice job on both of them. I look forward to hearing more about your foam board usages. Have a wonderful New Year!

Teresa said...

Oh I just love this quilt. And thanks for the hint on machine appliqueing the minky. A sweet quilt for an adorable little girl

Ariane said...

These are two beautiful quilts!!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Adorable quilts--and those little recipients are pretty adorable too!!

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely quilts..........

Jennifer said...

Oh wow, hasn't she grown cute! I bet she loves her quilt, and I bet Cain does too.