Monday, January 30, 2017

Lotta Progress

Yep, lots of progress came to my house this past week.  I'm feeling much better but I still do have a lingering cough that seems to lessen each day.

A lot of hand quilting got done on this hanging.
Well, that is until Miss Ashes came along and decided she wanted a nap on top of my quilting frame.  Well, why not and I might as well have a nap along with her.  So we did.  It probably helped my cold.

Outer borders got added to this top.  This will soon (as soon as it is machine quilted) be going to a neighbour who moved to Portugal a few years ago.  This ufo has been sitting in a bin for only two years now and it is time to get this shuffled to the front of the line.
Our neighbours signed fabric squares and I then added images to the blocks.  The images will remind him of the hill where he could look up from his former home to see deer, bears and trees and the signatures will remind him of the friends he left behind.
A few of The Garage Girls are making the Antique Sampler (by Sue Daley) and since I was so behind in joining the fun, a couple days of pulling fabric and cutting got me started so that I can show my progress to them too.
All the cream background got pinned to each block so that I don't lose any pieces.  I have a bad habit of losing pieces and have to recut more to replace them.
There are two more projects to get started on and I will get those projects prepped so that I can work on them as I want to.  Getting started sometimes is the hardest thing to do.  A Simple Life and Dutch Treat are the next ones up.

So, it was a good week after all.  :o)

Today, the sun is shining, but it is cold outside.  Miss Ashes is sleeping in front of the fireplace.  This would be a good time to sneak down to my studio and do some quilting.  Ssshhhh ....
Have a great stitching day!


Jennifer said...

Your hanging is lovely! Hello Miss Ashes, yoo hoo......there's a quilting frame needs your weight to keep it down, wakey wakey......Your former neighbour will treasure the reminder of his old neighbourhood, I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing your Antique Sampler as it progresses!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Your hand quilting is looking lovely--so nice to have that little helper too!