Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Same, but different .... Part 1

In order to make this quilt from Debra's blog, we gals from We 3 Quilters cut out our strips and we exchanged them this past Sunday afternoon.  We each choose our ugliest 26 FQ's (or more if we were unable to get 9 strips per FQ) and cut out 2" strips.  We each decided to make our quilt large enough to fit a queen size bed and it will be larger than the photo of the quilt shown below. 
Since there have been a few comments about wanting to make this quilt too, I will give a wee tutorial on how to make one as I go along.  Debra got the instructions from a lady that was at quilt retreat with her and that lady is our source for making this quilt.  Debra changed the setting sashes and border from the original instructions.
This is what 234  2" strips looked like before we started dipping into them to sew.
No blog Mary couldn't stay, but Debra and I forged on and sewed for a few hours.  Debra was shy (not) but we started getting funny with our strips.  Her pile is partly on her head and the rest by her sewing machine.  My pile is at the bottom of the photo closest to the food.  My lovely DH provided us with tea and refreshments so that we could keep up the pace.  We were on a mission!  :o)
These are just some of my panels that we sewed.  We need 9 strips per panel for a total of 24 panels.  So far, I've done only 10 and Debra left off at 13.  That girl is fast at her sewing machine.  She probably will have the rest finished by today, not to mention the entire quilt.  At times, grass does not grow under her feet!
I've already started to cut my panels.  First cut is for a 14" x 14" square.
 This is the A cut for the 14" square.
 From the same panel, cut out 3  2" strips.
Here are my cut 3 strips.  The rest will be for the scrap pile or if any piece is long enough, they can be unsewed and used in the sashing and border to help mix the overall look.
Now, I take another panel, cut my 14" x 14" square and switch my ruler around to make my B cut.

Here are some of my A and B cuts together with my stack of 2" strips. 

I will not cut all my 24 panels evenly into A and B cuts.  I will need 3 panels to make C cuts (those instructions will come later).
Debra had mentioned about selecting fabrics for her blocks towards the end and how it can become more difficult to find fabrics for her panels.  So, with that thought in mind and with the last 9 blocks to make, I chose all my fabrics for those remaining blocks.  Yes, it was starting to get difficult and there was much shuffling around of fabrics so that the panels looked good.  My handy styrofoam boards came in handy to hold my fabrics ready for sewing.

This is the pile of strips left over.  We all added extras for a just-in-case time.  They may get used in the sashings and borders or they will go into my scrap bins.   

All I know is, we are having fun.  Our quilts will be the same .... but different. 

The tutorial will continue.
Have a great day!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

It's fabulous...can't wait to see part 2...don't leave me in suspence for too long :-)

Ila K. said...

That looks like so much fun!

Wonky Girl said...

May I share your blog link with the HeartStrings yahoo group? The string tut you are showing would be very much enjoyed by the quilters there. Loving the quilt myself :) Gotta put it on my string quilt to do list.

Karen said...

How fun to trade strips with friends. I haven't been involved in something like that in a long time.

Deb said...

You forgot to mention one thing that I learned that has helped cut the strips. To cut with the back facing up (or seams side up) this has made it much easier for me and will do this more often!! Just remember you will be cutting reverse.
It was a fabulous time and poor RM was so tired afterward I know where she headed!! Chair and sleep.
I have not had a chance to work on it but will on Thursday. I made a mistake and looked at another mag and saw something else I could do with my FQ's.
This is our memory quilt for when RM moves to her new home. We will be using these quilts.
RM also has made a fantastic signage block for the back!! I just love her!! one of my Bestest Friends in the Whole wide world...

Anonymous said...

You have such a wonderful husband for serving tea.

Jennifer said...

Ah, thank you! I will make a start on cutting strips......once the quilt top started in this weekend's workshop is done.

Das Quiltmonster said...

Hello, I'm gathering links for scrap using on my blog: may I set a link to your wünderful tutorial??? Looks great how you managed the strips!!
happy sewing!!!

Barb said...

fun project to do with friends.
I love the shy photo, looks like you are having a great time!!

Pattilou said...

Thanks for the fun project with a new twist! Can I link this blog to a post in mine?

Quilty bird said...

This looks great, can't wait for part 2!

Thank you for allowing readers to pin on Pinterest.

Quilter Kathy said...

What a fun way to sew a quilt...and a great looking quilt!

Donna said...

What fun, and great looking project!

Teresa said...

Great start on a fun quilt to do with friends. My club did something like this years ago and we had more fun with it. We assigned each one a different color and they brought in strips for every one in that color. Turned out to be a very colorful quilt and nearly all put it together in different ways.

Maria said...

I am looking forward to the next step.
I make quilts for "Aussie Heros" and think this would be a fun one to do...

hetty said...

This looks like a great project. I have lots of uglies in my stash. Thanks for the tutorial. I am looking forward to the next stage.