Thursday, June 22, 2023

Cheater hexies

In a bid to move this hexie project along, it got hung up on the design wall and the light bulb clicked on and I started to play.

As my idea was a happy thought, more and more white hexies were made.  This project is now moving along very nicely.  Why cheater hexies, you are wondering?  The centers are cut from a cheater panel and then appliqued into a hexagon frame.  If I didn't tell you this, you would think that hours were spent embroidering all those designs.  No, not this time .... but the panel did appeal to me and I just had to have it.  It was bought many, many years ago when that was quite the thing when vintage quilts were showing up on internet and in magazines showcasing cheater panels.  Most folks did theirs with pieced blocks, but not me!  LOL
The border will have red hexies ..... much more work for me.  At first, I was going to do a simple border, but my hubby really liked the border on this quilt and I have to agree that it is quite effective.  So, it shall be ...
Now, my "Hexie a go-go" is being worked on as well.  My goal for June is to finish it.  Right now, it is more than 3/4 done.  The section on the right are all attached and there are 3 more rows almost attached Still to do are just 3 more rows.  Getting there!  So, I will just plug away at it.  I do have to say that right now, the completed section feels soft.  It will be interesting to feel it once everything is attached and washed and dried.

My sister and I spent a day at the cottage this week.  When we arrived, we heard quite the commotion and we just stopped and listened.  It was a flock of geese flying overhead and they landed in the water.  Now, this was quite odd.  We normally hear them and then seeing them flying in formation in the spring and late fall ...... but not at this time of year!  What is going on?  We debated about this and decided that the smoke might be affecting them further north and they decided to just fly away from it; thus landing on our lake.  We are not affected by smoke this week.  They swam in front of our cottage and after counting the heads ..... there are over 50 geese in the group.  When we left after supper to head home, we could still hear them honking down at the end of the lake.  Will they stay the whole summer?
Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Jennifer said...

Wow - that's a lot of geese! I can hear their honking from here...LOL A very hexie post this week. Love your ideas for the red and white quilt.

Kim said...

Why, I would just sit on the porch (if there is one) of the cottage, look at the lake and all the goings on all day, and just stitch away.