Monday, September 30, 2019

Just a hexie tote bag!

Here is my tote bag that I finally finished a few days before our quilt show.  This bag was included in our silent auction part of the show.

It would have been finished sooner, except I had a slight accident at our cottage and hurt myself and moving around and wanting to do anything was just put on the back burner.  That accident is a long story, but a paddle boat, a dock and I had a fight and I lost!  A trip to emerg. to make sure that nothing was broken but I was left badly bruised, banged up and a tad scared of what had happened.  You know the saying about older folks being wiser ..... nope, that bit escaped me at that moment in time!  LOL  It is easy to laugh about it now, but things could have been much worse.  Anyway, my body is on the mend and time and taking things easy will help to heal me.

Anyway, this hexie project travelled with me on vacation to Costa Rica where I enjoyed sipping on rum drinks by the pool while sewing those hexies.  Yes, it already has a travelling history!
A slight problem while assembling.  You can use a bag that has a twisted strap, can't you?  Drats.  That bag went flying into a corner, I was so ticked off with myself!  But finally, that strap was unripped and sewn on correctly and then it all came together finally.
This bag was donated to our quilt show's (held this past weekend) silent auction and the final bid was $65.00 Canadian.  I met the lady who bought it and thanked her for winning her bid.  She thanked me for making it and she knew when she saw my name that she had to have it.  That is a lovely compliment, indeed!

The bag was made using three challenge fabrics (donated by Northcott) and other complimentary fabrics could be used to complete our items.  Monies raised from the silent auction go to our local hospital.
Anyway, more about our quilt show will be on another post.  A few ribbons that my quilts won will be talked about too. 

Have a great day!


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh wow your tote turned out lovely. I hate when those mistakes happen mostly cause we are carefully paying attention. So glad it was a simple fix and it could raise some funds for charity. My MIL fell in Church a few weeks back and really messed up her shoulder. So glad you are ok and just ended up with bruises. Those heal without any after effects. Not sure my MIL shoulder will have the same outcome.

Jennifer said...

Ouch......hope you are feeling better. You're right, hurting ourselves is very easy to do! Your tote is lovely, interesting to see the finished article as I was there in the beginning when ideas were chasing each other around in your brain. To have your work sought after - now, that is a wonderful compliment.

Kyle said...

OH, no! I'm glad you weren't injured more severely. Good luck was on your side. Your bad is great. I'm happy that one of your fans took it home. Just to let you know I've ditched some things in the corner too, and then later find it easier to unsew and start over.

Teresa said...

Great job on the bag, hope it does well in the auction.

eloidastitches said...

OH NO about your accident! Glad you were not more injured, and that you are on the mend. I hope there will be no long term effects. Your bag is gorgeous! I just love the colour combination. What a thrill to have a fan buy it.

Wonky Girl said...

OMG we are the same about throwing things sewn wrong. Glad you finished tho, it's a wonderful bag.