Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A little bit of this and that!

Where is the summer going?  Already August and I have noticed a few trees around the neighbourhood starting to take on a tinge of colour.

I've been back and forth to the cottage for most of the summer.  Another week and my sister will be back to work and I can do more things around the home and in my studio.

Handwork has been my companion this summer.  Pick up and go, go, go.

Hexie handwork.  A ufo from November 2018.  Time to pick this up again and continue the work.
Two sections are now done and two more to go.  I figured out what will be the applique and more will be revealed later.
 This cabinet is now done and ready for quilts.  Three coats of Varethane inside.
These are just some of the quilts to go in the cabinet.  It will be so nice to get my ironing station back up and running again.  I can get 18 quilts in the upper section.  Yeah!
More spray painting (done outside) has been done.  These chairs will replace ones at our cottage.  I brought one chair in to see if my husband could replace the seats.  He could but it would be a lot of work and since he has not been feeling well (vertigo spells and low blood pressure), I opted instead to go to a charity store and buy two chairs instead.  Sanding and spray painting and a couple coats of Varethane and these chairs will stand up to the weather on our cottage porch.  The discarded chair was put to the curb for garbage pick up and our neighbour called and asked if she could have the chair to put on her veranda for holding a plant.  Yes!  My garbage, her treasure.  Gotta love that!  My husband did say there was one more chair and she wants that one too. LOL
So, these are my summer projects so far!

Have a great stitching time.

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eloidastitches said...

Beautiful quilt you have on the go. Are you piecing it all by hand? Love the shade of blue that you picked for your chairs. Hope your husband feels better soon. So nice that he is still willing to do what he can with the painting and other projects. Very sweet of him. He must Love you! ;)

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness, I love your quilt cabinet. I have an old china hutch my father built that had to be taken apart when my daughter and her husband renovated the house. (He had built it attached to the wall) It has glass doors on the top as well as solid doors on the bottom - much like your cabinet. I want to bad to have it put back together at my house.

The quilt you are making, what is it called? I have not seen that pattern before, but I do like it. Is it a pattern you designed?

Jennifer said...

Love the blue chairs.....very cottage-y and summery! Oh, I remember your project, we were stitching together when you started it. It's coming along nicely.

Marsha Cooper said...

That's a lot of English paper piecing. I have a scrappy hexagon quilt started that I've not worked on for well over a year. It's on my schedule to start working on again.

moosecraft said...

That is one of the nicest EPP quilts I've seen! Great design!
Love that cabinet! The white paint worked wonders for the appeal of I want one too! lol!
I hope your hubby feels better....sometimes vertigo and low bp are due to nutritional deficiencies...certainly worth researching...

Kyle said...

Awesome quilt on your design wall. Your "new" quilt cabinet looks fabulous. Great paint job and the blue chairs are so summery. You have been busy. Everything good takes time.

Kyle said...

Oh, I meant to add I love the photo on your header. Cool shot.

Maggie said...

Just love all your projects. Your EPP project is a great way to use up scraps. Did you make your own templates? I have a few EPP projects on the go. They are great for popping in a bag a and we can work on them anywhere. They travel well and many a person will stop by and show an interest when they see us doing them . Quite a few have picked up the bug, once they realize how easy it is. Looking forward to seeing your cupboard filled with your beautiful quilts!