Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Embroidery done and big stitch quilting

Well, well, well!  The embroidery is finally DONE.  Lordy, but that was a long process but so worth every stitch.
The hexies are all marked and the hand quilting has started.  Oh, so happy to be doing this.  Mind you, I'm not so happy with my quilting.  My fingers don't want to work the way they used to, so that is something that may stop eventually.  This quilt can not be machine quilted.  It just has to have hand quilting.
Big stitch quilting.  My niece did a bit on her first quilt.  This is how she does it.  She doesn't have the strength to maneuver the needle.  Not yet, anyway.  Time will tell down the road if she wants to try it again.  Some of her stitches were quite wonky and I pointed them out to her.  Her answer:  "I don't care, it is my quilt."  Yes, it is your quilt.
 Yes, yes, yes .... my studio is a mess right now.  What is new, eh!  LOL
I marked the top where the big stitches were to go and all she had to do was follow the markings.  Same with machine quilting.  She did some of both and so did I.
Her quilt has two rows of big stitch quilting, straight line machine quilting and some ties.  She looks pretty proud of herself.  Binding, sleeve and a label and her quilt will be ready for our quilt show in September.
While she was here for that day, she had to use the bathroom.  She came back in and said "OMG" and had a look of utter astonishment on her face.  Why is she OMGing?  "Your shower", she said and I started to laugh.  What made her look in the shower?  The shower curtain was bulging out a bit and she was curious.

In that shower that is hardly ever used, are bags and bags of batting scraps.  They had to go somewhere and why not there.  Right?!  I'm still chuckling over that.  Anyway, one day they too will get sorted out and sewn together.
So, that is my week.  Busy at the cottage and busy at home.  Just enjoying summer.

Have a great stitching day!

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Angela said...

Love the embroidery! It looks fabulous!

sandi s said...

😂😂😂 I love your niece!! She did a great job on her quilt! It was wonderful of you to teach her this art. Hugs,

Jennifer said...

Well done, Charlotte - you rock! Your embroidered quilt is lovely, nice to see its progress. Isn't that what showers and baths are for, storage?

chrisknits said...

You mean I can hide things in my shower?!!! Hubster will never know, and I won't have to own up to it. LOL What a sweet girl and a pretty quilt, great job!

eloidastitches said...

Wow !! Charlotte did an awesome job!! Rows look incredibly straight. I hope she continues on. Looking forward to seeing your hexie/embroidery quilt progress. Hope your hands don't give you too much trouble.

Kyle said...

I guess we need to teach young hands to enjoy the process. Well done.

Crystal Digitizing said...

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