Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Working on these

Now that my secret quilt is finished, I can get back to working on this project.  Not much has been done except for a few leaves and the bottom row sewn together.
My split apple core has grown but much more needs to be done on it.  This will be my take-a-long project for the cottage this summer.  It will be double size and will fill this entire design wall.  So, a lot of empty spaces to fill in.
Have a great day!

Edit:  I'll be linking this post to  This site shows what other Canadian quilters have done each week.  So, pop on over and see what Canada is producing this week.


Jennifer said...

Isn't that a pretty the vase of flowers! Yes, split apple core will be a good cottage project.

eloidastitches said...

Wow, Your centerpiece is coming along nicely and is going to look gorgeous! Love all the bright colours.