Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pecfectly Pink Pony

This quilt was finished and gifted to my soon-to-be 4 yr. old niece.  She got it early instead of having to wait for her birthday.
This is how the hearts were quilted.

The center portion with the pony.  For the pony, I was stumped on how to quilt it.  So, this is very artsy with the circles and I love it.
Now, I wanted to show what this quilt looked like before washing.  Can you see all the meandering lines that were drawn using Crayola Washable Markers.  It looks like such a mess, doesn't it.  They all came out in the wash.
This pillowcase is perfect for her new quilt.
Quilt details:
Pattern Source:  go here for a free pattern by designer Marinda Stewart
Size:  52" x 81" (before quilting size:  54-1/2" x 82-1/2")
This quilt has a combination of hand quilting and machine quilting.  Whatever quilting I could do well by machine was done by machine and the rest was done by hand quilting.  I've done both quilting types on the same quilt before and it works for me.

So, how long did it take me?  It was started on Apr. 2, 2015 and finished on Mar. 17, 2016.  Just shy of a year.  It was on the go for 10 months (sitting mostly in a bin) and then quickly finished in 5 days and 1 hour.  The 5 days was for the quilting and sewing down the binding and the 1 hour to finish up the embroidery.  Thank you to the reader that left me an interesting comment!  Let's put the time frame into perspective, eh!  :o)

This is what we spotted in our backyard last week.  A pileated woodpecker.  It was huge and it was odd to see it jumping from rock to rock looking for seeds.  They don't walk, they jump.
 A closer look.  It's red head stood out so well against the white snow.  Beautiful.

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Kate said...

Your quilt is darling and the addition of the hearts is perfect!! Thanks for the link.
Great pix of the pileated woodpecker - I will always remember the first time I saw one of them - I was so excited. :) They don't visit where we live but are occasional visitors at the cabin.

Louise said...

Enjoyed seeing the pic of the pileated woodpecker. I suspect we have a family of them residing close by us. We have viewed two at a time along with the babies perhaps on various days. They are very unique looking and quite fun to watch. They have been visiting our backyard for at last 3 years now. Your blog is a new one for me, I really wanted to comment on the bird.

Deb said...

I love it RM I can see the quilting better and I really love the quilting in the horse!! isn`t it wonderful to have such a fantasy world in that brain...LOL
We get those Big Red Woodpeckers even down here the smaller ones that come every year are here right now they too are black white and have the red up top. Spring is around the corner I can smell the skunk in the air. Have a great Easter I am sure that Char is going to love her little pony

canuckquilter said...

What a sweet quilt! Thanks for the look at the before and after. I see crayola washable markers in my future! I also like the idea of hand and machine quilting, depending on what's needed, on the same quilt. I did that once, and am not sure why I haven't doine it again, because it worked really well to get the design I wanted and get done in the time frame it needed to be done by!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Your quilting is so beautiful and I love all the designs you choose. I was interested to see your pileated woodpecker. We see those here on our property in Ottawa, Canada too but only rarely. They are so striking and huge compared to the little downy's.

Andres Lee said...

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Andres Lee said...

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