Thursday, March 10, 2016

Not one ...

..... but two projects got to the completed stage this week.

Today, I'll talk about this top.  Little Pony.  All that was needed was the black embroidery and it was completed.  About an hour of work was all that it took me to do.  So silly not to have done it sooner.  Oh well, I'm getting there by just plugging away at projects.

Talking of plugging away, today this top will get pin basted today in readiness for machine quilting.  I love this zig-zag backing.  So cute.
Oh, happy, happy days.  Things are getting DONE and bins are getting empty!

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Have a great day!


Raewyn said...

Cute quilt top! Well done on making progress. I do that sometimes too, put things away when ther is so little left to do on it!

Maker Joy said...

A friend of mine has the most interesting way of expressing how long a quilt takes. For example, I had a quilt like your adorable pony that sat for quite some time (2 years) and only needed a little work (3 hours) to finish it. She would say that that quilt took 2 years and 3 hours to finish.

Jennifer said...

Little Pony is such s cute quilt! Sometimes those last little bits seem to be the greatest hurdle, don't they? Love the backing fabric - it's green, how could I not like it? *grin*