Friday, March 27, 2015

In the same quilt

What in the world am I referring to?  Well, machine and hand quilting together in the same quilt.  Recently, a friend asked if it was OK to combine both in the same quilt.  Well, why not?  It is my quilt and I will simply do whatever I want to.

In this close-up, you can see my straight machine quilting.  Straight lines I do just fine.  Circles by machine are another matter.  Why fight it?  Hand quilt those circles. 
In this photo (below), can you see the effect of straight line quilting and circles?  Very nice together.  I have come to the realization that if I want to see my tops quilted up, then I have to do something about it.  Some of my tops will go out to a LAer.  Most will be done using both machine and hand quilting in the same quilts.  If I can handle it, then they will be done by me.  These quilts will not be show stoppers, they will be cuddle quilts for family and for the cottage. 
Here is a pile of quilts that have been pulled off the shelf and onto this quilt rack.  I'm hoping to have a few of them done by the end of August.  Two are getting there .... only if I concentrate on finishing them.  One top will be sent to a LAer to be quilted up as a donation for our upcoming quilt show in 2016.   It will be so nice to see this photo diminish in quantity as time goes on. 
I'm using this quilt rack as an incentive.  When I first started my blog, I had a large quilting frame that was used ... not for quilting .... but to hold tops/projects for me to focus on.  They got done ... one ... after .... another.  They were in my face.  I saw those projects each time I stepped into my studio.  That was my incentive.   The quilt frame is long gone (we didn't like each other).  Friends are encouraging me to finish my tops.  So, whatever incentive I can use, it will be helpful.

These two photos were taken back in April 2007 in my Toronto studio.  That was a long time ago and a different city.  How times have changed.

Have a nice day!


Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I like the combination of machine and hand quilting. As of late I have been using big stitching which gets a quilt done quickly also. I will continue my trek to learn some straight line machine quilting but just hate the look of those machine stitches. Maybe a few hand quilted stitches would make it a bit more bearable.

dortha said...

Love the little quilt in your header. So cheerful looking.

Quilt crazy said...

So glad to see your stack of quilt tops waiting to be quilted. Yesterday I counted 10 on my shelf!!i

Colleen said...

Great Idea! It never even crossed my mind! I like that and it looks really nice :o)

Bren said...

The little quilt I have from you has both machine and hand quilting It is a TREASURE!!!!! Your quilts are beautiful!!!

Deanna W said...

I like doing both quilting in a quilt but found out that isn't okay if I want to put it in the local Fall fairs. They want only one type on the quilt. Well then I guess those quilts of mine won't be in the fair!!