Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Too many seams

Since I've gone with this version of Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Mountain Majesties, well, there are too many seams that are all ironed in the same direction and the seams just don't lie flat and are bulky when that happens.
So, what to do?   The top section had a few seams that were in the same direction and a bit of unsewing had to occur and that was when a plan had to be made on how to handle all those seams.

First thing, each row is marked with a letter.  Next, the arrows were pinned on pointing left or right (for ironing all the block joining seams in one direction).  Lastly, do you see on Row F the FIX  in pink?  It means that all the blocks in this row are to have the inside seams (not the joining block seams) ironed towards the light coloured fabrics.
Once the FIX row is done, the rows are pinned on my design wall so that the seams are facing towards me.  This is where I can visibly line up the seams to make sure they are all in opposite directions before sewing a section together.  It is easier at this point to make any corrections before sewing.
Below, the top section has all the stars appliqued on.  Doesn't this sparkle?  My trademark stars and I'm in love with them.
What is better than one section done?  I'll take two sections, thank you.  Only two more sections to go.

Later this afternoon, my sister and I are flying to Mexico for a week in the sun.  With all the snow shown in a previous post, we need a bit of warmth and sunshine and it will be so nice to look at sand and the beautiful blue sea and sit under a palm tree/palapa and sip a nice cool drink.

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

That's going to be such an interesting quilt! Enjoy your time in the sun.

Vicki W said...

That's going to be a beautiful quilt! Enjoy your vacation too.

terry said...

I heard Bonnie Hunter comment on this quilt - primarily about the seams ... She said she does not iron the blocks as she goes (like most of us do). She then sews the individual blocks together again not ironing. Then she puts the rows together and because she hasn't ironed them it is easy to maneuver the seams to lock and lay flat. Now she irons. I know this comes late. But maybe for the next quilt like this one that you make. By the way ... I have not made this quilt, but someday ...


Teresa Rawson said...

What a cool project! It may be a lot of seams, but you have managed to sooth that savage beat and you have a beautiful flimsy well on it's way to completion!

Rosa said...

Wow,absolutely beautiful and love your fabrics combo.Great job!