Friday, March 7, 2014

Promise of Spring & Lancaster quilt show

Lancaster, here we come!

Two other quilt guild members and myself will be driving down to Lancaster, Pennsylvania for a week of sightseeing, shopping and attending the two quilt shows that will be on during the time we are down there.

Oh, how exciting!  I have always wanted to attend a major quilt show in the U.S.A. and when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped in.  Tomorrow morning, we start our long drive south for our week of fun, fun, fun.

Before I leave, here is the promised photo of my version of Kim Diehl's Promise of Spring (it is also known as Serendipity).   The top size is 95" x 95".  In other words, another large quilt!  :o)
Do you see the date at the bottom of my top?  That is my incentive to get this top sandwiched and basted very soon so that it can be hand quilted and finished before the end of 2014. 

When you take a look at the original pattern, can you tell that I went off in a total different direction?  Simply put, I made this version my own.  I have always loved this pattern, except for the center.  Everything looked too jumbled and too close to each other and me being a fussy person, well it bugged me.  Also, I wanted my version to fit a queen size bed.  Thus, things took on a life of its' own and that is how my version came to be.  Huge difference, eh?

When I showed this top to my day quilt guild, a member came to me afterwards and asked for the designer's name.  She loves to applique but cannot manage the small itty bitty pieces anymore and she got excited when she saw how big my applique pieces were.  These she can handle quite easily.

So, Kim Diehl, not only are you a wonderful designer, but everyone can easily make your patterns.

Since finishing this top, I have been itching to get it hung up on the wall in our foyer.  It is a huge top and it covers this wall very nicely.   It will be another month or so before my hexagon quilt will be close to being finished and I might as well enjoy this top now before it gets taken down and marked up for quilting.  My DH has informed me that he really likes the applique but is not sure about the plaids and stripes.  In other words, he finds it a tad too much.  Oh well, I just can't please everyone all the time.  :o)  Don't worry, dear, there will be another one that you will like up on the wall soon enough.
 The top on the banister has been paired with it for now. 
On second thoughts, those two tops don't work together.  Now, this top on the banister looks better.  Can you tell that I just love decorating our home with quilts .... err tops?  :o)
Have a great day!


Nan V. said...

How do you hang your quilts? Looks like you have batting looped over curtain rods, and then you pin the quilt to that? Is that because it's a top, or do you do that with your finished quilts as well? It's a brilliant idea to be able to view tops - I sure have plenty of those!

suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

I love the combo of plaids and appliqué. I like you version of Kim's pattern better too.

Karen said...

I have been following this quilt for a while and it is fabulous !! I love your version and I love the plaids. Can't wait to see it quilted. Well done.

Jennifer said...

Love it! It looks so good hanging in your foyer, too. Have a great time Down South!

QuiltSue said...

I love your version and think it looks great hanging up.

Deb said...

Just Awesome RM I love it!! you have been working hard and it will be even more gorgeous when hand quilt this heirloom.

Deanna W said...

I like how you decorate with quilt tops not just finished least you get to see them and they are a reminder that they aren't done yet!!!

sandra said...

I love this quilt. I have ordered Kim's book and would really like to make your version. I am not likely to publish the finished result anywhere but if I do I will give credit. Hope that is OK. I intend to use recycled shirts for the background. I am also going to follow your blog. Just found it by surfing.

Karen said...

Your version of this quilt is beautiful. Well worth the work you did making the design work for you.