Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Starring ....

Another section of stars got appliqued and joined to the other two sections.  I really do love this version of Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Mountain Majesties, but it is kind of busy.  Too late now to switch back.

Now, the last section is ready to go.  All the stars and beige circles have all been prepped.

 One star has been done .... only 5 more to do.
Last, but very important, recently a number of quilters' blogs were affected by a pirate site that had our recent posts on it but no link back to our site.  My blog was affected.  Thieves!  Since then, I have noticed a few of my favourite blogs are now gone.  They post no more.  So, I will be checking daily to see if another site springs up with my stolen posts and if they do, then my blog will be deleted.  I'm tired of the theft and the stupid emails.

The host provider of the pirate site was contacted and the site got shut down.  Sadly, they will pop up again on another provider and the cycle will start all over again. 

Another blogger figured out how this happened and has warned us what to be on the lookout for.  You know, for me, it was a lovely sweet email asking permission to link a certain post or quilt onto their blog.  Going forward, if anyone sends me this kind of email, I won't be replying to it .... period.

This just makes me very sad as it has turned me from a sharing type of blogger to one that doesn't trust easily now.

It was only encouragement from my friends that prompted me to post again.  Only just.  

Below is what will appear on all my posts from now on. 

If you are not reading this post on www.appliqueandpatches.blogspot.com or http://www.quilterblogs.com/, it is

stolen content!  No other websites are authorized to use my work.   Please click the above links to go to my real sites and please help spread the word about this scrapper site’s unethical use of other people’s work. Contact the host provider of the site and get them shut down.

We quilters are just fed up with this abuse!

I need to shake off the negativity and have a happy stitching day!