Thursday, March 20, 2014

So close

Clap your hands because my hexagon quilt center is done and the remaining three borders are being worked on.  It is getting so close to the end and I can taste it!   I brought this quilt down with me to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to work on during the evening.  The hand quilting helped me to wind down after each whirl wind day of activity. 

Lancaster, Pennsylvania .... wow .... what an adventure that was.  The fabric stores .... the unbelievable prices .... the selection .... the quilt show ..... the everything. 

My DH snapped this photo of me with all my stuff  purchases that I came home with.  It was very hard to just stop buying things.  It was all so overwhelming and we were warned to go down with a list of what we needed to buy.  I did have a list and bought just about everything on it and then indulged with other fabric to add to my stash.  I did buy a lot of solids for the making of an Amish memory quilt for me.   Mostly, though, I came home with a few backings, a lot of background and border fabrics.  Also, thread and stencils and batting.
One of my purchases was this Amish basket.  For now, it is up on top of this cupboard filled with small quilts. 
While down in Lancaster, there was not much snow on the ground and when we opened our motel room door, we could smell the scent of manure on the nearby farmlands and hear the clippity clop of horses' hooves on the pavement.  Gentle rolling hills with horse and buggies all over the roads.  How tranquil it was.
Then, we came home to lots of snow still on the ground and more snow coming down today.  Where or where is spring?  I think I need to go down to my studio and drool over my new fabric!  :o)
Have a great day!


Raewyn said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time! And I'm clapping my hands with you too - great progress on yur quilt!

Jennifer said...

Well done on the quilt - now it has some Lancaster memories stitched in it! To think we were so excited about the wibby little snow that fell when we visited.....I just can't imagine that much snow.

Deb said...

RM I think what caught me the most was the big smile on your face you really look like you had a great time. I am so happy that you spent some time for you and some money, you worked hard for it and now to see that Amish memory quilt you have in mind.

Barb said...

looks like a great time shopping!
your hex quilt looks wonderful - clapping