Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Angles and Squares

Last month, I joined the Near North Quilting Guild here in North Bay and signed up for two classes with Heather Stewart (who was the guest teacher).  Angles and Squares was one of the classes and we learned a short-cut for making this block.  You can go here to read Heather's post about her time at our guild.  Heather is a fantastic teacher and I truly learned so much from her and have incorporated many of her tips ..... except for pinning.  What can I say, I'm the queen of pinning and quilting is just not comfortable without my straight pins.  :o)

Heather did ask us to be creative with our layout and that is what I am aiming for.  This layout is OK but it needed something more.

What about the addition of some stars.  I couldn't decide on red or blue stars and may just go with the two colours. 
Can you see what I'm doing with the striped fabric?  This will make it more interesting instead of having the stripes going all the same way.
We'll see if it stays like this or those stars get taken out.  That is all part of the creative process.  Playing around with the 'what if ' ideas.
I will be posting about the other class that I took from Heather.  Log Cabin Chevrons and I tell you, log cabin blocks and I do not get along well.  But that is another story for another day.
Have a great day!


Dolores said...

It will certainly be interesting to see this as a whole. The stars are an interesting addition.

Jennifer said...

Definitely more interesting with those stripes going in opposite directions, and with the two different coloured stars! It's coming along well, you have done a lot in the past few days.

Teresa said...

Hey, this is really going to be GREAT! Love the idea of the stripes going every which-a-way!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Raewyn said...

Looking good! I can see just how handy a design wall is (I don't have one set up yet)... it really does give the opportunity to play and experiment.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Looking forward to seeing your log cabin post. I have only done one and it was mini that I paper pieced. I do have a box of scraps that I plan to use in a log cabin type quilt, so I have been keeping my eyes peeled for ideas. I like the stars they seem to sparkle against the other blocks!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your additions to this growing quilt! Can't wait to see what develops!

Guðrún Á. Rögnvaldsdóttir said...

I am sure whatever you decide it is going to be great.

Yüz Germe said...

It is a pleasure going through your post. I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff from your side.
Yüz Germe