Monday, April 5, 2010

A finish ...

I have hemmed and hawed over this little hanging for well over a year and am hanging my head in shame. Why??

This is to go Robyn in Australia as a thank you for sourcing out more wool to match the scraf that she made for me as part of the SSCS swap (Dec. 2008). Yes, I am over a year late in sending this and that is something that I am not proud of. Robyn so graciously fulfilled her part of the bargain and after much procrastination and pure laziness on my part, the hanging is done and ready to be sent to her. Problem is, she is not responding to my email so that I can get her current address for mailing out this quilt and quite frankly, I don't blame her. I'm hoping that she will read this post and contact me.

Have I learned a lesson from this? YES, yes, yes.

So, Robyn, please let me know where you now live ........ For this post, please do not leave a comment (except for Robyn) as I am not finding any joy with this finish.


Janet said...

Maybe you can contact the swap organiser to get the address. You're not alone with procrastination but it's done now, good job.

Beertje Zonn said...

It is lovely!
Bear regards,

Beertje Zonn
Bear from the Netherlands

Kathryn said...

I live in Australia (Melbourne) and avidly read your blog :-) Love seeing all the items in production then finished. Its very inspiring.

If you want you could email me Robyns last name and city and I could follow it up through our directory services here.

My email is


*karendianne. said...

Such beautiful work to come home to. I love the inspiration and hope Robyn will touch base with you. I'd just like to gently add that while we can be lazy with the best of 'em & put things off because, well, it just goes that way... I do believe there were a few other things going on. I mean, life does happen. Just gently sayin' dear friend.

Robyn said...

Oh my God - u wouldn't believe it, but this is the first time I have looked at a craft blog since last September..............I can't believe the coincidence - you really shouldn't have! It's beautiful........I'm in tears here.

I've been having problems with my email but the address and everything is the same if you want to try emailing again

Thank you so much!

Gamawinkie Renea said...

I am so glad you guys reconnected. It is very pretty.

Karen said...

What a sweet quilt, so vivid. Great job.