Thursday, March 9, 2023

Rounding up the circles!

I still am not done appliqueing the circles onto some of the neutral square fabrics ..... but couldn't wait and just had to start sewing some of the nine patch blocks together to test out my border idea.   This project is coming together quite nicely!

Before I knew it, all the circles were done!  Time to finish sewing the sections together!

Jack the Ripper had to come out ..... somehow I goofed and switched one half row and sewed it together.  It was only when I started to pin the entire row for sewing that I noticed the issue.  At first, I thought that a lot of ripping had to be done, but after looking closer, I realised that all that was needed was to rip out a row of six circles and turn the block 180 degrees and the issue would be fixed.  Whew, that was easier that first thought.  Fixed and time to carry on!

Now, for the border .... I decided that an ombre effect would be quite nice and different and that is what I'm doing.  There are a lot of red fabrics in my stash and to achieve this ombre effect will be quite easy to pull fabrics.
Life has been busy here lately ..... Dr. appointments for hubby, volleyball games and girl hockey games .... yep, busy, busy, busy!

To my Mother, wherever you are .... happy 105th birthday!  You are truly missed each and every day and we can't believe it has been 15 yrs. since you passed!

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Jennifer said...

Love the ombre border! Yes, your life is certainly busy.....

cityquilter grace said...

such a lovely quilt and border idea perfect!

loulee said...

It's looking very nice. I like your border idea.

Kyle said...

I'm giving you a round of applause!