Sunday, February 12, 2023

... and another squirrel!

Yes, I did it ..... started another project.  You would think that squirrels hibernate during winter ..... but no, they do not and they stopped by and had a few chats with me!  LOL

It all started with cleaning out some piles of fabrics and papers and that is when I saw this pattern and knew that it just had to be made.

What got me started on this squirrel was a need for a couple more small wall quilts to go with my February red/neutral quilts.  My bins of red fabrics and my neutral/red fabrics were a tad overflowing and viola .... this project got started.  This is my project so far.  If one block a day gets done, then this project should be ready for sashings and borders by the end of this month.  Only nine blocks to go.  So, we shall see ....

In the meantime, this quilt .... which I really love .... has been bugging me.  Why?  I want to make another circle quilt and why not do the same quilt but in red and neutrals?  So, that is what is being done.

This is my progress so far.  Not much to see, but in time there will be more blocks.

There have been two more squirrels that got made into tops this month.  They will be shown on another post.  It has been a productive month so far!

There may be another new squirrel or two, but nothing has been done with those yet!

Oh squirrels .... just go and stay away and leave me alone!  LOL  Can't really complain as it does help with clearing out stash and helps to keep the creative juices flowing!

Our winter has been up and down lately.  Bitter, bitter cold and warm balmy days around 0C.  Our winter has been too warm lately because bears have been coming out of hibernation.  This week, there was a report of a bear around a few schools in the east end of our city and the schools had to go into lockdown.  There is no food for bears right now and a child would be just a tad too tempting to pass up for a meal.

This week, we had freezing rain followed by snow and it left our backyard looking like a wonderland.  For those of you enduring very hot temps ..... here is some ice and snow for you to drool over!

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Kyle said...

I have that same Moda pattern in a drawer. I even had the fabrics, but recently separated everything. Your blocks are super cute. Maybe I should take another look. Another circle quilt in red and white will be perfect for your collection. Your energy is very motivating.

cityquilter grace said...

beautiful winter photos....we've had NO snow all of it's been mostly gray and bleak...your lovely reds do perk things up for squirrels? i have managed to bar them thus far...

loulee said...

Beautiful snowy scenes, but I'll pass on the hungry bears.
Love your squirrels.

Jennifer said...

I like your ice and snow - it makes our mid-30s temps seem mild by comparison! You can keep the bears, too. No squirrels in my sewing room, they must have all scampered over to North

Kim said...

I laughed when you said "a warm and balmy 0C". Why, that is freezing to me. =) Why, I do believe you are a quilting workhorse. As always, these quilts will be lovely.

Gail said...

I am looking forward to seeing your "Squirrels" completed! I'm certain that they will be lovely!