Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Baby Blankets

June.  Half the year is almost gone by.  I wonder how much will get done this month?

In my aim to clear out some baby fabrics and my smaller pieces of batting scraps, three baby blankets for our local hospital NICU were made.  This time, all for boys.

In a clearing/cleaning out event, these heart blocks were found.    These blocks are probably about ten years old (perhaps even older) and never even made it onto my UFO list.  That is why they were such a surprise to find.  These blocks will find their way into more baby blankets.  These will be for girls, so more girly coloured heart blocks need to be made and these blue/green blocks can be mixed in.
Waiting in the wings are seven more blankets to be made up.  Each tray (on top of the bin) has all the parts for the blanket, except for the batting and some backings (which are ready to be cut up).  In the big bin are all small batting scraps which will be pieced and then all the blankets can be made and passed on.  I'm doing the birthing method so there are no bindings to do.  It is a bit trickier, but it works for me.  I will show how it is done when the next blanket is made.
It truly is interesting what has been found when I've been cleaning/sorting/purging lately.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Jennifer said...

Those blankets will be very much appreciated.

Kyle said...

Those little baby blankets are so sweet. Some family will appreciate your time and kindness.

Vicki W said...

How nice to find a great use for your stash!