Friday, January 8, 2021

Time for Tulips?

Not outside for many months to come.  But in my hands and on my design wall ..... I can create tulips!

A new project got started last week.  Why, oh why when I have tons of UFO's?  Because I just needed a new tulip quilt to put on display along with my other tulip quilts?  That is all the reason that was needed!  LOL

You see, a list was made of new quilts that I wanted to accomplish this year in 2021 and tulips was on that list.  The time was now to start if this quilt is to be completely finished and hanging on the wall come April/May.

The source of the applique pattern came from  Audrey offered up a free (not anymore) applique tulip pattern for a limited time to those that were interested.  Well, I was and she so graciously sent it to me.  

EQ7 to the rescue for a layout and viola, I was off and running.  See those dots?  My garage friend, Darlene, made a quilt this fall that was all dots.  Well, those dots settled into my brain and I just knew that something would surface with them in a quilt.  

Everything is just pinned in place.  No hand sewing yet but that will be soon.
This photo was taken last night before going to bed.  My stash was raided and fabrics selected to fill in empty spaces.
So, thank you to Audrey for her applique pattern!

A photo was sent to my garage friend, Darlene, to show her what she got me started making because of her dots quilt.  She questioned why was I making a new quilt when there were so many UFO's.  Yes, yes, yes.  Don't you just hate it when someone reminds you of what you need to finish?  LOL  Oh dear me!   So, my friend,  I will be dealing with a UFO as soon as the prep work is done on this quilt.  Promise!

I do miss meeting in the garage because we all kept each other on our toes and reminded each other about UFO's and to FINISH them!   When they read my last post on last year's recap a few of them will have mild panic attacks on how they will deal with all my UFO's if something were to happen to me.  Yes, yes, yes, my friends, I will deal with them this year, for sure.   Oh my, I can hardly wait for the day when we can assemble once again.  It has been a year since we all gathered!

It is cold outside and we can't go anywhere except for groceries and pharmacy.  So, I will be cozy inside sewing away this week.

So, until we can resume our normal lives and until we all can be vaccinated ..... wear a mask, wash your hand and keep your distance!

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


karenbbsnow said...

Looks like a fun project! Love the varied backgrounds. I have lots of UFOs too, but started making 3 inch houses yesterday. I needed a new project ... for my mental health, lol Feeling better already

Jennifer said...

Someone once told me that you should start a new project at the beginning of each year, to mark the passing of the old and the coming of the far you're on track!

Chookyblue...... said...

love the tulip quilt you have started......I like the dots inbetween too......goodluck.....

julieQ said...

OH awesome! Love your tulips, and Audrey sent me her pattern too...what a fun layout! I have lots of UFO's but hey, that doesn't impede me a bit in staring new things too, LOL!! Nothing started, nothing finished!

Kyle said...

I thought I recognized those funny tulips from Audrey's blog. Your quilt is so cheerful and will be already when spring finally decides to come.