Friday, April 3, 2020

Been busy!

It seems that everyone that can sew are making masks these days.  I've jumped in and made 36 for our local hospital to wear over their N95 masks to keep them from getting soiled.  The community made enough that they won't have to worry about masks for a wee while.  These ones have ties.

Next up, masks for family members.

After that, masks for a local nursing home and they requested elastics. 

I will do whatever I can to help out.  We have to, no question about it!

It is so sad to watch the news and see the death toll creeping up and up and up each day.  When will it stop?  No one knows the answer to that.

When a break is needed from masks and the news, back I go to working on some of my projects.

Cassandra's Circle.  Here are my blocks so far.
 Additional pieces were added to the huge center block.  Veins for the leaves and circles.

This is the before.
After.  Big difference, eh!
 This month's block and I didn't follow the layout.  Prepped but not sewn down yet.
My apple cores are all joined together.  Borders are being appliqued onto the sides.  So much progress!  How happy am I?  LOL
It is so tempting to be swayed into doing a couple of quilt-a-longs, but, I'm staying strong and committed to working on just my ufos.  For now.  LOL

Cherish your day, cherish your life.


Jennifer said...

Very cheery masks......they will bring a little brightness to their wearers! Another one here who is working on UFOs, tempting though it might be to start something new.

marie said...

My friend and I made masks for our doctors office staff, they can then save the good masks for the 2 doctors and then made two for each family members. Mine were all with ties. If the order goes that every needs to wear one in public guess I'll be making more. Right now I need a break.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Rose Marie you are so kind to sew for the folks in your community.
Love your applique and it's nice to see Apple Core moving along. Stay inside and stay safe.