Thursday, April 16, 2020

A bit of ice shove!

I've been busy making hexies.  Lots and lots of hexies.  More bags of scrap fabric was found.  OMG .... I'm drowning in scraps.  Aagh!  Not to worry, I will work on making more quilts out of those scraps.  LOL  I do have lots of EPP patterns to choose from. 

This is where I'm at with this project so far.
On the virus front .... another 20 masks were made.  Some for local use, some for in another city.  No photo was taken as they are already gone.  I'll be making more and more and more masks.  Money has been offered to pay for them.  No, no, no.  Everyone is going through hard times and safety is more precious than money to me.

Hubby and I took a walk down by the waterfront to see the ice shove.  This doesn't happen every year.  This week, the wind was blowing hard and in the right direction.  The ice was ready to break up and that started the ice to shove.

This sight greeted us before we even got out of the car in the parking lot.
 The ice hit the breakwall (protecting the marina) and rose up and toppled over it.

The backside of the breakwall.
You can see how a layer of ice is advancing over the layer in the front.  That layer will creep along until it hits the pile in front of the rocks and then pile up as more ice is shoved from behind.   There is lots of ice out there.
 The towers of ice here must be about 12' high.
 A bit of open water will soon be filled with ice being blown in to fill the gap.
 The ice towers can only get so high before toppling over.
  Beautiful to see.
Now, back to making hexies and sorting the scraps.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!


Vicki W said...

Thanks for ice photos - very cool!

Jennifer said...

Wow......that would be quite the sight to see! Looks like a lovely sunny day for a stroll. That hexie project is marching along, for sure, and I like the little flower spray.

Kyle said...

What a beautiful phenomenon with the ice and what a beautiful day to see it. What lake is that? The hexies look wonderful all together on your design board. Almost like fluttering flower petals. You've done amazing making all of those masks. Each one appreciated by the wearer.

Ali Honey said...

Great photos. That's a sight I have never seen before.