Sunday, November 24, 2019

It has been a while ....

I forgot to post about what I've been up to lately.

This feline is keeping my hubby and I busy.  She is only a few years old and wants to play, play, play .... and then sleep the day away.

Anything and everything is a toy for her.  Ripping plastic bags .... why not!  Especially when those plastic bags hold a kit for a block.  Sure rip away and hopefully everything can be found afterwards when I need those small pieces of fabric!
Your block instructions can improve with a few holes in the paper ..... right?  Yep, rip away!
Plastic bags are fun and the bigger, the better!

Looking out the window at the passing world is interesting!
Squirrels in the backyard is keeping her attention!  She was a street rescue and has lived the last few years in high rise apartments or a basement apartment that don't look out onto street life.  Our home is perfect for that and is a novelty to her.
On the other hand, she is a great helper!  Sometimes!  LOL  Do you need any help holding this thing that I'm sitting on in place?  Actually, I do need some help, thank you, Revvy!
I was putting a sleeve onto this top.  More photos about this later.
What do you mean I have to move?  I want to stay right here, thank you!
Now, onto quilty stuff.  What in the world are these cylinder things?  Pool noodles with sleeves on them.  I brought in a wall hanging to be appraised at our quilt show in September and when the appraiser saw just the noodle, she told me to put a sleeve onto it to protect my hanging from any chemicals in the noodle.  So, that is what I've been busy doing.
See, quite a number of my larger wall hangings are rolled up around a sleeved noodle.  This way, they will not have those dreaded creases when it's their turn to be hung up.   
Soon, I can reveal my secret project.  Lots of photos have been taken during the process, so you can follow along as all is revealed.

Revvy is sleeping now and I can get some sewing done without her help.  Thank heavens for small mercies!  LOL

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Revvy is a gorgeous kitty, that's for sure! And a little mischief maker too, it seems; what fun it must be for her to see outdoor life. Good idea to cover those pool noodles, you don't want all your beautiful work to be spoiled.

eloidastitches said...

I loved reading all about that mischievous little Revvy, and of course seeing the corresponding pictures. Looks like he is enjoying his stay!!!