Wednesday, October 30, 2019

An original

It seems that comments are not coming to my email again.  Can I remember how that got fixed last time?  To all of you who left comments on my last few posts, that is the reason why your comment wasn't replied to.

Nan V left a comment about this quilt.  Do I remember the pattern?  Yes, it is my own pattern that was designed because I so wanted colours of autumn on a tree branch that was not yellow or green.  Perhaps one day this pattern might be written up for sale ..... some day, one day ......
Then, another request for the pattern for this quilt.  Sorry, but this is another one of my designs.  Two requests within days of each other.  Is that a sign that I need to really think about selling my patterns?
We've been busy ..... with this feline cat.  Her name is Revvy.  We are just babysitting her for a month while her owner is away on business.  We've forgotten what it is like to have a cat in the house and are enjoying her a lot, but not enough to want another cat again.  It broke our hearts when our two girls passed on and we just don't want to go through that again.  Plus, we are getting older.  That is something to think about also.
My studio and house had to be cat-proofed.  She gets into everything.  A major cleanup had to happen in my studio.  She seems to like pins for some odd reason .....  Anyway, the cleanup was good to have happen.  

A bit of quilting on a secret project has been going on.  Reveal will be in a few months' time.  Be patient.

Hubby got the snow blower working.  We are expecting about a foot of snow on Friday, so we needed to get that machine up and running.  A new pair of winter boots were bought this week.  I'm ready!

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Hello, Revvy.....what a great 'helper' you are! You could sell your patterns, but then your quilts wouldn't be uniquely yours.

Barb said...

Love your tree quilt and what a wonderful space to hang it.
What I did was left myself a comment, and then clicked the "subscribe to comments" box.
good luck, it is frustrating and I still don't get all my comments to my email.

moosecraft said...

Oh my goodness! Revvy is such a sweet looking kitty! I had the same conversation with my hubby before we adopted our cat...I said "Let's do this right, because we won't be around long enough for another one"! lol!
Selling your patterns is a very personal the first commenter said, "then they would't be uniquely yours"....BUT, on the other's always nice to share some happiness with folks that are willing to be happy with you! :-)