Saturday, June 29, 2019

Granny Smith in the wild!

Another quilt done!  Done, done, done!

Yee haw!

I'm always on the lookout for a place to take photos of my quilts and this spot has been on my list for a couple of years now.  This is on a bridge on our cottage road.  There will be more quilt photos taken here, so be prepared to see this spot often .... until the snow flies.  LOL
I so wanted to capture the beauty of this spot.  How about my quilt on the rocks?  Jeesh ... that sounds like a drink!

While I was busy snapping photos, my sister was snapping me in action.  Ha!

How about over the bridge railing?  The other side of the railing is even more beautiful and that will be the spot for another quilt soon.
How about at the cottage hanging on the old shed door?
What about laying in a field of daises and buttercups?  You are probably thinking that the quilt got dirty being laid out in all those different spots.  It will get washed soon.  Just not today.
All these photos were quickly taken as the MOSQUITOS were horrendous!

Even the wildlife can't stand them.  On our way home from the cottage, there was a moose standing in the middle of the highway.  Wouldn't move until it was ready.  What a sight to see and not a camera at hand to snap that photo.  Oh my, what a lost opportunity.

My quilt is a split apple core.  I just made the apple cores a bit bigger (3" x 4-1/4" finished).  Once the cores were all sewn together, they were then appliqued onto a strip of green fabric.  Apples + green peel = Granny Smith.  That is how my quilt name came to be.  LOL
A close up of the split apple cores.
Quilt details:
Quilt source:  saw a photo on Pinterest and went from there
Quilt started:  October 2014
Quilt top finished:  Sept. 2018
Quilt finished:  June 2019
Quilt size:  95" x 101-1/4" (it still has to be washed and dried and then the measurements will become smaller)
Batting:  Hobbs polyester
Machine quilted by:  Kat's Quilts

So, that is another top to be crossed off my list.

We will be celebrating Canada Day on July 1 and since I will be at the cottage, I'm wishing all my fellow Canadians to have a great day, eh!


Frog Quilter said...

Beautiful, I’m impressed.

Nice scenery!!!

chrisknits said...

It's perfect! Now I wanna go find that spot. LOL I may have to take all mine out to Colorado in the Fall when we go visit friends.

Jennifer said...

A lovely spot to photograph a lovely quilt! Best wishes for Canada Day, have a great time.

Deb said...

looks fantastic with the perfect settings looks lovely up there! you are so fortunate! love the action shots too!!