Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Busy, busy, busy

Not much quilting has been going on.  Summer weather has finally arrived up here. 

A bit of progress has been made on this project.  My sister is excited to finally ..... soon .... to have this quilt done up for her.   Right now, she has a store bought bedspread and she doesn't like it and is looking forward to this quilt. 
I'm having a hard time trying to capture a good photo of this quilt.  They all turn out like this.  Could it be this block with the embroidery?  I use my ipad for photos and maybe it is getting old and not taking good photos anymore.  Anyone else have the same issue?
What about all the stuff that you see in front of my design wall?  Things are happening here.
All of that stuff was in this cabinet that we bought back in April of this year.
That cabinet is in the process of being transformed.  Getting a coat of white paint.  The cabinet top and base are back to back (that is why it looks odd sitting like that).  My husband made a spray tent for me on our back patio and it is working a charm.  There are still door fronts to be sanded and painted and that will happen over the next few days.
Once this cabinet is done, two coats of Varethane will be applied on the inside.  Got to protect my quilts from any wood resin that may seep through the paint.  I will show an 'after' soon.  Oh, you should see me doing the happy dance!  LOL 

The cottage is calling to me and my quilting and sewing will slow down a lot and so will my blogging.

Have a great day!
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Marie said...

Wow, your cabinet is going to look fantastic when it's all done. Great job!

Jennifer said...

Good to see progress on your sister's quilt - you must be pleased! I can't help with the photo issue as I use a camera, not my phone or tablet. That cabinet will look like a completely new piece of furniture when it's done, it will be amazing.

Kyle said...

You're making progress in all areas. Your cabinet is going to be great and you'll be able to store all kinds of goodies.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

That quilt is gorgeous and what a lucky sis! I find Blogger dulls out my longer shots and a lot gets lost when posted. I always admire when people refinish furniture and make it so beautiful.

Chookyblue...... said...

I'm sure that quilt will look great on her bed.....
Goodluck with the make over of the cupboard...