Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Oh, just another EPP quilt finished!

LOL ..... this quilt has been sitting on a shelf for almost 2 yrs. since the top was finished.  Just lately, a bunch of my tops have been sent out to a LAer and she is getting them done for me and I am enjoying my quilts so much more than just a top.
A close-up of the half hexagons (HH) that are made into triangles.  The size of the HH are 3-1/2" at the widest point and 1-1/2" high.  All hand pieced using the English Paper Piecing method.  To make one triangle, you need a light, medium and dark half hexagon.  Once the triangles are made, just rotate them around so that no light HH is against another HH and so on.
To memorialise my precious cats that are no longer with us, I found two cat prints in a stash from someone and I wrote their names on the HH.  This is for Miss Ashes.
 This one is for Miss Hank.  Oh my, how I miss those two girls .....
Where did the pattern come from for this quilt?  I saw a photo in Fons & Porter (March/April 2006) magazine and knew one day that a quilt would be started.  It kept drawing me back to it time and time again.  It won!
Quilt Details:
Started:  Nov. 2015
Top finished:  Aug. 2017
Quilt finished:  May 2019
Quilt size:  62" x 81" (top size:  65" x 85-1/2" before quilting, washing and drying)
Batting:  Hobbs cotton/poly 80/20
Half Hexagon size:  3-1/2" x 1-1/2"
Machine quilted by:  Kat's Quilts

We had a garage day this past Saturday.  Again, we were drooling over projects that were shown.

Here is me showing off my great-niece's quilt.
 Darlene showed her Double Wedding Ring quilt. 
Karin put up her wool applique blocks for us to browse over and switch around to give a balanced look.  She was wondering what sashing colour to use.  We all said black.
 Here is a close-up of some of her blocks.  They are gorgeous.
Karin also showed us another top that she is working on and was wondering what border colour to use.  I suggested a lime greenish colour and told her to go over and put her arm up on the border area.  She had the perfect lime green blouse that was the perfect colour.  The other ladies
 thought yellow/gold would be better. 
So that was our day in the garage.

Have a great stitching day!

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Rebecca Grace said...

"Just another" EPP finished?! Hah! I see a LOT of people STARTING EPP projects lately, but not nearly as many finishing them. Congratulations; your finished quilt is beautiful!!

eloidastitches said...

A beautiful finish!! Love your secret tribute to your kitties. That is so special. Looks like you had another fun day with the garage girls. I think I like the lime green for the border on your friends quilt too. The yellow/gold would look great, but I am drawn to the lime green. Either way it will be lovely.

Jennifer said...

So sweet......love how Mis Ashes and Miss Hank are immortalised in your quilt forever! Those garage girls make beautiful quilts; Miss C will love hers.

Kyle said...

What an incredible EEP quilt. I'm so glad it came off the shelf and now is on display. It's a beautiful finish. Another fun day in the garage. Love both of Karin's projects. Her wool applique pattern is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the fun.

Barb said...

Yay for EPP! great job