Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Xmas quilts

It has been a busy few weeks here leading up to Xmas and now I can take a breather.  Whew .....

How about some eye candy of some of my Xmas quilts?

These are on display in our foyer.  The quilt on the wall is one you haven't seen finished and I will chat more about it in another post.
The top you see at the bottom of this photo will be hand quilted sometime next year.  It just had to be hung up with the other coordinating quilts.
Here is a better look of the top.  I just pinned the top onto a hanging sleeve and viola, instant display.  😸😸  I do want to hand quilt it, but haven't quite decided how yet.  For sure, there will be big stitch hand quilting .... but the design has stumped me.  The backing is ready.  Batting purchased.  Just the design.  Sheesh ..... come on brain ..... think, think.
This quilt below you have seen many times before on my blog.  The thing is, it would never lay flat on the wall.  Very wavy.  More hand quilting has been added to the borders, and although the extra quilting has helped, this quilt still will not look as good as I want it to.  This quilt was finished in 2003.  One of my earlier quilts.  It is possible that something wasn't quite right back then and I just proceeded anyway.  I have come to accept that it is what it is and to hang it and enjoy the beauty of this quilt every Xmas.  Amen.
This metal railing finally got a final coat of white paint and a quilt can now be displayed there.  The painting only took six years to finish, but it is finally done!  Well, this section at least.
My quilt ladder and red/white/neutral quilts .... yumm!
What is keeping me busy these days?  Our living room has been taken over for a staining area and I'm busy staining and sealing this bathroom ladder for a niece.   Hubby made it and now it is my turn to finish this ladder.
There is a table runner that I finished and gifted for Xmas and that too will be talked about on a separate post.

A week from now and it will be 2019 ..... wow, this year sure has gone by quickly. 

On an grim note, a cousin is not well and has given up on life.  The new year may not ring in well for our family.

Let's see what can get done this week.  Another ufo crossed off the list?  We'll see.

Have a great stitching day!


Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about your cousin.....sadly, we do get older and old age isn't a good time for everyone.

What about quilting a snowflake design in the background?

Kim said...

Gorgeous and cheerful quilt to brighten winter months. Your work is always beautiful. I have a quilt that I basically overquilted and it doesn’t lay nicely against the wall, so I made loops of blue painters tape and pressed it to the wall and the quilt to those loops of tape positioned around the edges behind the quilt. Works very well and doesn’t damage paint or fabric. I’ve also put the tape on the quilt back before hanging and then used a long stick to stick them to the wall when in hard to reach places. I’m sorry to hear that your cousin isn’t well. My brother and mother passed away this summer. It’s a hard part of life and now aging. Bye for now. Kim

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