Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Progressing on logs

Well, what a difference a few days make (my previous post shows how this got started).  My log cabin blocks are coming along very nicely.  On most days, about 10 of these blocks can be made.  After a few days, there is a definite change to see.

Below is what I see from my chair.  Plus the mess of fabrics by the door.  That is the stash that I'm working from. 
To make the process handy, four Styrofoam boards are being used.  This one holds my long solid strips (WOF cuts).  By the way, I never realised how many solid fabrics were in my stash, until I seriously started pulling fabrics for this project.  Sheesh .....
 This board holds the smaller pieces of solid strips.
 This one holds my printed long strips (WOF cuts).
This one is for smaller printed strips.
I'm using two cardboard plates to hold my strips that are needed for each block to be cut down into the smaller strip sizes needed.  Two blocks are worked on at the same time.  It is a bit tricky to manage but it works.  As you can see with my selection of fabrics, there are solids and prints in my blocks.  Now, you are probably thinking that these colours aren't very interesting as you see them laid out here.  For example, look at the top plate. 
But once the block is sewn together, it fits quite well with the other blocks.  See the arrow?   Some duller blocks are needed to tame the brighter blocks.  What are all the pink little squares that you see on some of the blocks?  They are pinned in place to remind me that those blocks cannot be moved around.  The other blocks without pink squares can be moved, but not those.
Here is my status for today.  Just thirteen more blocks to do.  At this point, I'm getting very picky on which strips to choose for the remaining blocks.  I need to balance out the overall look so that darks are evenly spaced out, because that is where the eye will be drawn to.  My progress will slow down a bit now.
By Xmas, I would like to get this top done and ready the backing so that it can go to my favourite LAer.  There is still a lot of work to do before that can happen.  Like setting side triangles and borders .... aagh!

The other thing that is keeping me occupied is painting some drawers that my DH made for our pantry.  They will be so much handier to use.  Right now, my living room is a painting station.  I really need to get them done so that the Xmas tree can go up.

What else?  Some Xmas stuff.

Have a great stitching day!

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Jennifer said...

Mixing solids and prints makes for interesting blocks, doesn't it? I'm about to do the same thing.

eloidastitches said...

You've made a lot of progress! Looks good.