Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Forgot to show this one!

I was going through my photos and realized that this quilt has not been shown.  It will be going on the wall later this fall and winter.  Happy days, for sure.

I wanted to capture the beauty of the fabrics against the autumn colours.    This photo was taken in our backyard.  No bears ..... I looked around to be sure before climbing the steps.

The following two photos were taken about 10 mins. later when the sun wasn't shining.  What a huge difference in the colour value.
 I just love rail fence blocks!  They are so timeless.
Quilt details:
Started:  February 2009
Top Finished:  August 2009
Quilt Finished:  July 2018 (it sat on the shelf for nine years ..... sheesh!)
Quilt Name:  Humble Pie from the book "Simple traditions" by Kim Diehl
Quilt Size:  89-1/2" x 89-1/2" (top size before quilting and washing:  91" x 92")
Batting:  Polyester
Quilted by my friend:  Tella in Toronto.

Another quilt done!  Life can't get any better than that!

We are in the midst of having beautiful Indian Summer weather.  Capris and sandals are back.  We need to enjoy it while we can, because this weather is not going to hang around for long.

It was cold closing the cottage for the year.  Jackets, sweaters, toques and then warm gorgeous weather.  What a drastic change in just two days.  Cold and now warm and muggy.

Beavers have been busy building a dam on our cottage road.  The water is backing up at this bridge.  The white stuff you see in the water is foam of some kind. 
With all the rain we have had lately, the creek is overflowing and creating a waterfall at the edge of the dam.  This will be a problem next year as the bridge and road could be washed out if the dam breaks.
The autumn colours are at 80% right now.  Beautiful display from Mother Nature once again.
I love colour against the dark green.  It gives a gorgeous contrast as we travel down the road.

This week, my friend Darlene and I will be giving a dual trunk show and workshop on EPP at the Grand Quilt Guild in Fergus, Ontario.  We are so excited and have so many quilts to show and talk about.  There will be lots more to share about this event.

Have a great day!
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TakeMeThereTotes said...

This is a great finish! I have some that old too! Your colors are beautiful and I especially like the center strip being light next to two dark strips on either side. Very beautiful with the appliqué border. You did good on this one! Always enjoy seeing your quilts!

Unknown said...

I like your finish better than the one in the book. I put this on my to do list.

Marj Oliver Mellon

Glenda said...

First thing I looked for was the wee black bearLOL Glad he has not come back or Mumma bear with her two cubs? Beautiful beautiful maple colours lots of quilt designs in those colours are racing through my head? Your river looks so peaceful but boy those beavers cause havoc don't they if their dams break. Looking forward to seeing your quilts you are going to show and tell about, hope you can get lots of photos taken for you so you can share them here also?????? Cheers Glenda

Glenda said...

PS LOL Forgot to say how much I love your quilt you showed, stunning colours I could live for ever with that quilt.

eloidastitches said...

What a difference the lighting has on your quilt. It is gorgeous!! I love the appliqued border, it frames it so nicely. The fall colours and the scenery pictures are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

What beautiful quilts you have made. I went back through your posts to read about them. We have fox here that I worry about encountering when walking the dogs. But I haven't seen a bear -yet! Bear horns are a good idea; I wonder would they work with fox. Happy Stitching!