Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Aussies came and went

My Aussie friends, Jennifer and Kevin have come and gone.  This was their third visit with us.  Where did their week with us go?  It came and went so quickly.  With my bummed up shoulder, I couldn't do very much and needed everyone's help to prepare meals and clean up.

This visit, they arrived to colour.  Glorious colour.  Jennifer loves autumn and it was so nice to have them see our colour. 

Jennifer and I did get out to a quilt show at a church in Sturgeon Falls.  This was the first for me to see quilts in a church and I quite enjoyed it.  More photos were taken, but these were my favourites.  Love that TATW quilt!
This chevron quilt caught my eye.  On the placard, it was mentioned that the pattern came from Fons and Porter and I found it in my magazine collection a few nights later.  Eureka!  I may be starting a new quilt ....
Jennifer was busy buying a leaf potholder an chatting with the ladies.  We signed a guest book and I do believe she was the farthest away attending the show.

Monday nights there is a ukulele group that meets at a local music store.  Jennifer attended last time she was here and made arrangements to meet with the group again.   She was in 7th heaven to be able to play again.  Eight weeks is a long time away from playing a musical instrument.

On our way to the music store, we drove along the lake shore and caught this interesting cloud formation.  Photos were taken and once home, DH (who is a meteorologist) was able to explain what was going on with that funny cloud formation.  
When Jennifer and Kevin arrived, we exchanged goodie bags.  Jennifer knows how much I love bags, so what a wonderful addition to my collection!
Inside the bag was this gorgeous wall hanging.  Perfect to be hung with my autumn quilts.
At first, I thought the flowers were drawn on ..... nope, embroidered with one strand of embroidery floss.  So lovely!  I'm still admiring her machine quilting.
While Jennifer and Kevin were here, the BEARS came back.  This time three bears in our neighbours back patio.  They went after the bird feeders and destroyed one.  They came during the night and I woke up to a bang.  Did I investigate?  Not a chance was I going to go outside to find out what the noise was.  Still, after that bang, I could not go back to sleep.   The next afternoon, DH came inside with a story to share with us and explain what the bang was that I heard.  That was just a tad too close for comfort.  Bear scat has been found between our house and our neighbours and in different places on the street.  Much too close!

Our friends said that they would love to see a bear in person, but at the same time, they didn't want to see a bear as that would be too scary.  I agree!

We didn't do as much this time around.  We are all getting older and just sitting around the fireplace and enjoying our visitors was a good thing.  They said this would be their last visit to Canada.  Still, they said that last visit and they came back again this year.  Safe travels, my friends, safe travels.

Last Friday, I and two other siblings buried my brother's ashes.  It took a while to get everything arranged, but he was finally laid to rest with our parents.  Rest in peace .... Micheal Beauregard .... rest in peace ...

A few days later, we had snow.  A couple days of snow.  Overnight, we had rain and it is all gone now .... but it will be back .... that we know for sure.

While our visitors were here, a new EPP project was started and there will be more on that later.  Another EPP project ...... yippee-ki-yay!

Have a happy stitching day!

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Kyle said...

What a delightful visit with your Aussie friends. That was a very close visit from the neighborhood bears. No nighttime investigations. It'll be interesting to see what your new EPP is. That's a great cold weather project.

Kate said...

Nice to hear about Jennifer's adventures. I follow her blog and I've been missing her posts.
Church quilt shows are the best. Lots of love go into those quilts.

Julie Fukuda said...

Wow, you made the best of that visit! Our fall is hiding but it is a bit cooler than earlier in the month. The trees and flowers have their seasons all mixed up. Only the plants that run on the length of days and nights have got it right. We may miss fall colors all together.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

What an interesting post. My goodness visitors from so far away and what good pals you all seem to be with the similar interests, etc. We too had the snow heavy for a couple of days and now mostly rain ever since. Very gloomy. I'll be very curious to see your new EPP project!

eloidastitches said...

Hope your shoulder is getting better. Really enjoyed reading about your visit with Jennifer. Let's hope you get to see her again. Looking forward to seeing what you are up to next.

Glenda said...

Oh my goodness your bears sound like they like the easy access to the food, rather sad that they are getting so tame and not scared of the built up area's???? ?You will be constantly watching over your shoulders, where we are constantly looking at the ground for snakes here? I think I'll stick with the snakes more chance to out run them LOL How beautiful your rock walls look in all those autumn colours but it looks just as beautiful covered in snow. Hubby sure made a great job of it. Cheers Glenda

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