Thursday, April 12, 2018

More binding

It is snowing here again.  Ugh!  Will spring ever arrive?  This was taken this morning.
A couple of hours later.

Since it is snowing, might as well get more binding done.  A different quilt this time.
Sewing binding is keeping me cosy and warm.  All that is left to do is getting a sleeve on and that will be done soon.
I do need to take some quilt photos, but furniture needs to be moved around first to get a good shot.

It just feels good to get this quilt to this stage.

Doing the happy dance!

Have a great day!


julieQ said...

I am happy dancing with you! Hurrah for a finish!!!

Jennifer said...

Finished is a great feeling! You are hanging out for spring, we are hanging out for autumn to finally arrive......but at least it's raining today, something for which we are very thankful.