Sunday, March 11, 2018

Going back in the past

I'm in the process of getting my blog into book form and from time to time, you will see an old post that has been updated pop up, especially if you enrolled in the email notification.  That is the reason behind it.

In the meantime, it has been fun to read my older posts and compare myself to where I'm at today.  Are my posts better today than eleven years ago?  Yes, eleven years.  That is how long I've been blogging.  So, are my posts better?  I hope so.

One post in particular made me chuckle.

Oct. 8, 2007 .... about my stash!  Oh my, how much stash I have accumulated since that post.

I'm still chuckling!
A measly two shelves of stash!  Let's see .... I have one, two, three ...... oops ... better STOP counting! 😻😻  At least my stash is getting used and there has been a decrease in the past few years with all the quilts and tops that have been made.  I foresee some scrappy quilts coming.

Have a great day!


Julie Fukuda said...

Now, that is an interesting read because my actual quilt diary is a book that became a blog. I don't have many pages left in that book either so will have to start looking for a second edition.

Chookyblue...... said...

I think we have grown with each other in the 11 years ...... Great to have known you I am pretty sure all of that time or close too......