Sunday, March 11, 2018

Back to Triangles

I'm back to working on this project.  Triangles.  A miscalculation in the length led to the project being shelved for a few months.  I was short 4 rows.  This is where two rows were added on the left side of the center.

The other two rows were added on the right hand side of the center.   Got to keep it balanced.  Now, I'm back on track.
When sewing the strips of triangles together, they get placed on this Styrofoam board to help keep me on track.  Still, there were problems along the way and a few .... a lot ..... got turned around and a bit of unstitching had to be done.
Only these last four rows to sew and then this section will get attached to the big section and then this top will be all sewn together.  The small triangles on the white triangles need to be appliqued and that should take me a couple of days to do.  My plan is to get this quilted asap as a little girl will be moving out of her crib into a big girl bed soon.
.... and here is the top ..... done.  It measures 53" x 81".  There will be no borders this time.  The sides of the top and bottom need to be trimmed to size, but they will get trimmed after quilting.
Those triangles that I mentioned .... well, there are 46 that need to be appliqued in place.  So, pitter patter, best get at 'er.
Surprise, surprise to me.  I won this quilt!   My SIL made it and donated it to a cause and when I saw it, I asked her to buy me tickets.  I really liked her quilt.  Well, didn't I get a phone call to say that I won this!   A welcome surprise, for sure!
Have a great stitching day!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your quilt win - how lucky is that! I like your quilt design, it's very modern......just the thing for a modern little girl.

eloidastitches said...

Very interesting combination of colours in the triangle quilt. Love it! Lucky you, with your quilt win. Congrats!!

Chookyblue...... said...

i love the look of the triangles...........