Thursday, February 1, 2018

More snow and snowballs

We have had a dump of snow yesterday and today.  The January thaw helped to reduce the height of the snowbanks around town, but with this new snow, the snowbanks are back to being high again and with that comes extra caution when driving around town.  The unseen suddenly comes into view and braking on ice and packed snow is tricky.

Well .... what to do about that ..... except work on making snowballs.  The fabric kind, of course! 

Now, these blocks are supposed to be worked in batches of 16 per week as per the quilt-along through Temecula Quilt Company ( and we are in week 8, but I decided to plunge ahead and just get my blocks done.  With 40 ufo's on my list to work on, there is just no point in dilly dallying.  So, here is a show of my progress this week.

The right hand side is what needs to be finished.  Before, they were done two's and three's at a time, but now they are done in batches of eight to ten.
One batch completed, time to do another batch.
Then another ...
Until all the blocks were done!  Phew.  Think it is time for a cup of tea.
Tea breaks over, time to start sewing those blocks into rows. 
Section by section, the rows were sewn.
Three sections to be sewn together.
Together at last!  Not bad for one week of work!  I've been thinking about doing some applique in the borders.  Playing time begins!
Whoa .... hold the horses.  I've decided to add two more rows to the top and bottom to make this quilt longer.  Here I go again ......
Might as well just get at it and get those blocks done.  Watching t.v. and working on the tiny squares is a good time to get them done.  I use a Styrofoam board on my lap and work away and this is where I leave my progress until next update.
With all the piecing going on, it is relaxing to do a bit of applique to round out the mix.  One more border for my hexie top to do.  Progress, progress, progress.
Have a great stitching day!


Jennifer said...

Well, that was quick......almost a finished top before you know it! Great job!

Chookyblue...... said...

Simple but lovely once again . ..

Julie Fukuda said...

Better place for snowballs than on the street outside your door.