Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Nine patch wonder

Well .... I finally got the binding sewn onto this quilt.  The machine quilting was finished back in February 2017.  This is so unusual for me not to get a binding on right away.  Oh well, it is finished and that is all that matters.  Simple nine patches with patch sashing.  Simple as that.
 The backing is made up of three different pieces of flannel.  They look washed out in this photo.
 This is more like the vibrant colours in the one piece of flannel.
For making labels, I stretch and pin my label onto a piece of Styrofoam board and then write my information.  The label doesn't move as I write and I no longer have to use a piece of freezer paper on the back to write.  This way is quicker too.  Just pin and write.
Label sewn onto the backing.
 My machine quilting is just simple straight lines.  Washed and crinkly.  Love it.
 Another view of the stitching.  Simple lines.
Simple patches.  Lordy, as I write this post, the light bulb went on.  That is the name of this quilt.  "Simple Patches".  I will need to get out my permanent marker and add that to the label.

Without further ado, the quilt was stretched slightly and pinned onto my Styrofoam board and the words added to the label.  Done.

I love simple quilts.  Also, complicated quilts.  Makes life interesting.

Quilt info.:
Started - Jan. 27, 2015
Finished - April 5, 2017 (only took 2 yrs. and 3 months to finish) LOL
Top Size - 58-1/2" x 86-3/4"
Finished Quilt Size - after machine quilting and wash and dry - 57" x 84-1/2"
Pattern Source - me, myself and I
Patch size - 5" x 5" finished.
Batting - 80/20 cotton/poly
Machine quilted by me using my domestic sewing machine.

Have a great day!

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julieQ said...

Very, very pretty!! Your quilt looks so soft and inviting!