Thursday, April 20, 2017


So ..... well ..... darn ..... I did it again.  Started a new project.  Chevron Legacy.  I have been drooling over this pattern since I first saw it.  We are talking serious drooling.
It is in McCall's Quilting November/December 2013.
Before my other scrap project even has outer borders on it, I was pulling scraps and cutting to my heart's content.  The cutting took longer because enough strips were cut into five piles for each length in the pattern.  Extra time in the beginning, but quicker later at the sewing stage.  Then the sewing started.
My Strofoam board comes in handy for laying out the strips to see how well they will look before any sewing is done.
Masking tape on the floor is handy for me to see when to stop sewing on strips and the trimming to size can start.  Very handy indeed.
On a good day, a length can be sewn.  A few strips here and there were removed and replaced after they had been sewn together.  The replaced fabric just did not go with the look or it was just too close to the same fabric that was exactly in the same place on another length.  It is a bit tricky to replace one strip in the middle, but it can be done carefully.
After doing this project and the American Wildflowers, my bin has greatly reduced in size.  This bin was full before these two projects even started.  Oh my word, how wonderful to see this.  Is my bin half full or half empty?
Well, it doesn't matter which way I want to think about it, because this trunk that has been hiding scraps has been emptied into that plastic bin and we are back to being full again.
 See .... full again!  I'm sure that another new project will have me dipping into those scraps again.  There are still another three bins of scraps waiting in the wings once this bin has been reduced in size. LOL  The scraps never end and they seem to multiply on their own, but Lordy, what treasures they can be made into.  Scrappy quilts.  Gotta love scrappy!
Before I can even think about playing  sewing, Miss Ashes is on a mission ..... she wants treats!  See the stare.  She is definitely on a mission.
Have a great day, eh!


Karen in Breezy Point said...

Now I don't feel so bad about my scraps--I'm not alone--lol! Miss Ashes definitely looks like she's in charge!

Chookyblue...... said...

It looks lovely.....

Julie Fukuda said...

Yes, that cat is definitely on a mission ... and it is the same look I get from Nikko. She is trying to hypnotize the boss.
Nice arrangement of those chevrons.

julieQ said...

You made me giggle about scraps...they are my favorite thing!! I love the chevrons, because they are all different widths, and that makes the quilt so interesting to examine. Love it!

Teresa said...

Its a good feeling to make a quilt without having to buy new fabric (although I do love to buy new fabric). Your chevron quilt is great!

Nancy said...

It's hard to tell from the photo -- how wide are the chevron strips at the base and what size triangle did you begin with? Because the edges are probably bias (right?) did you find them difficult to work with? I love, love, love the look! (So many questions because I may give it a try. I have too many strings!)