Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pizza Box Challenge

Last September, my day guild had a challenge using pizza boxes.  It started off with me putting in one 12-1/2" unfinished block and a half metre of fabric (to be used in each block) into a pizza box and bringing it to the next meeting.  Handed in my box and got to pick another box.  Make a block and hand that box in at the next meeting and get a different box.  Repeat for the next 8 months.  I did request that anyone picking my box to use autumn fabrics.

Last month, everyone that participated in the challenge got to take their own box home.  The challenge is over.  This is what my blocks look like.  What a thrill it was to look at each block.  We all took turns admiring each box.  Mine are perfect!  They say Autumn.  I have plans, but those will be kept under wraps for now as everyone is to bring in a completed pizza box top to the June meeting and I know that a few guild members read my blog and I want to keep this a secret until then.  So, this is what I've been busy working on.

Just in case you are wondering if my Kentucky Stars has been abandoned .... nope.   Only 3 more star flowers to appliqué and some outline embroidery and this top is done.
I'm linking today's post to  Take a leap and hop on over to see what other Canadians are working on this week.

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Yes......your blocks do say autumn!

MARCIE said...

Your blocks turned out great! I'm too much of a control freak to take a chance like that-having others make your blocks! But you sure lucked out! Also, you applique looks wonderful. I love those border blocks!

Laurel's Stitches said...

Like Marcie, I would be apprehensive about having others make my blocks... but yours blocks are gorgeous. There is likely a lesson in giving up and getting back in your post. I'll think about it for some time today...

Can't wait to see the finished top of Kentucky Stars!

Thanks for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

NannyBee said...

The pizza box challenge sounds like a lot of fun, and the quilt blocks you received look great. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed quilt top.