Sunday, December 6, 2015

One Block Wonder

Last weekend, I took a workshop to make a One Block Wonder or OBW.  My hubby knows all about OBW.  He gets grilled on quilting terminology!  LOL

Anyway, after two days, I did have something to show for it and am liking my blocks a lot.

This is my fabric and I took this photo to show where my first cut of repeats was done.  Only 1 set of repeats were cut because I couldn't decide how big my quilt should be.  If I do decide to make it bigger, then I will know not to cut at the exact same repeat spot.

At the workshop, this was my layout.  I liked it, but not sure if this will be the final layout.
Back at home, this is the layout I decided upon.  The blocks will get moved around a bit more before sewing them together.  In the end, a wall hanging will be the final size.
Have a great day!


Ali Honey said...

That looks good. How are they sewn together?

ES said...

Lovely fabric!

Jennifer said...

Love the looks so good when made into blocks!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I've had the book for years, but never could find an appropriate fabric that I liked--yours is beautiful!