Saturday, December 26, 2015

A trip to the cottage

How did our family spend Boxing Day?  Not at the mall or in any store.  We took a drive to the cottage.  Yes, a drive to the cottage.  This is so unusual for us up here in the Great White North.  Normally, we have snow on the ground.  Lots of snow and driving to the cottage is unheard of at this time of year.  Not this year.  We had a green Christmas and a wind storm roared through our area on Christmas Eve leaving folks in rural areas around the city without power.  So, we decided to take a drive to the cottage and check to see if there were any trees blown down and the roofs still on the cottages.

Were there trees down across the road?  On the road from the highway to our cottage road, we counted seven.  Someone was in before us and cleared all those trees from the main road.  Thank you, kind stranger.  We continued on and when we reached our road, we saw my sister and her husband getting out of their parked car at the top of our road.  That was not a good sign.  Usually we can drive right down to our cottage.  Were there trees down on our road to the cottage.  Yes, about four.

Reinforcements (other family members) arrived to help us.  A chain saw made quick work cutting the trees into chunks that we all could lift and move out of the way.  Many hands made light work and before we knew it, one tree after another was cleaned up.
Even little hands made a difference.
A ride in the wheelbarrow is such fun!  A real treat after all that hard work!
A walk around our end of the lake revealed that all the cottages were intact.  The only damage was to trees blown down onto the roads/driveways.

We all could see that the lake looked different.  What happened to the shimmer of light on the waves.  No waves.  No sound of the waves hitting the shore.  The lake was very quiet and still.  Was it frozen over?  Yes, with about 1/4" inch of ice.  It was not safe to walk on, but so beautiful to look at.
 Mother Nature and Jack Frost did their creative spells and left us gazing at beauty.

We're expecting some flurries this evening and the snow should stay on the ground as the temperature is starting to fall bringing us back to the normal.

That is how we spent Boxing Day.  Sure was different this year!

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Did you get a ride in the wheelbarrow too? Lucky the only damage was to trees, not buildings! The lake looks very peaceful covered with ice, and very still......even if only an ant could walk on it safely right now.

Chookyblue...... said...

sounds very different........I got to spend boxing day with a Canadian and she said it was her first christmas without snow...........

Debra Anger said...

There is always a reason for everything, the snow was not meant to come until after the trees were cleared. Plus what an exciting moment to see the lake frozen. I remember living on the lake and seeing the transition from the different seasons. Looks like it was a great "family" day I think that is what Boxing day should be now. You look great girl!!