Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Apples topped up

Well .... my apple core is now a top and I couldn't be happier!
The stripe fabric is divine and adds a zing to this quilt.  This is the first time that I put the stripe vertical and I will have to remember to do this more often.

Now, I'm on the lookout for apple fabric for the backing.  The thing is, I was looking at apple fabric in a store in North Cobalt (a 2 hr. drive north of where I live) a couple of weeks ago.  I was looking at it as a One Block Wonder quilt because that is the workshop that I recently attended.  Sadly, it did not register with my mind and this quilt until now.  Oh darn.  Well, there will have to be another road trip to go and buy that fabric.  :o)

Have a great day!


Jennifer said... excuse to go fabric shopping! What a bummer! *grin*

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Yay! It's a wonderful accomplishment--congrats on a lovely finish.

Quiltbenaco said...


Deb said...

Oh it is just too bad, I had just cut up the perfect apple fabric, I had used in one of those fat quarter packages we were getting for 20 bucks it had names of the apples and a beautiful teal. I will keep an eye for you if you want. Your Core looks fabulous and I love the border I love using strips in different ways! Great work on matchy matchy of those strips!

Teresa said...

Great work on the apple core.i am with you on the striped border, looks very nice. Happy New Year!