Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cottage Quilting

In the past few weeks, my time has been mostly spent at the cottage and visiting relatives.  So, what have I been doing?

My triangles are now mostly in rows and sections.  Great progress has happened.
My last two rows are in these baggies.  Ohhh .... getting excited!

What else to work on at the cottage?  My apple cores have come out once again.  I'm on Section C of my scrappy method.  The link is for a different project, but the method is the same regardless of which project I'm working on.

Also, my split apple cores.  Same scrappy method applies here as well.

Lately, I have received questions about my triangles and where to get the pattern and what thread do I use for applique and for doing EPP.  Both these questions will be addressed in an upcoming post.

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Your quilts are growing......summer is a productive time for you!

Sandra@Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Oh, I am loving that Apple Core Quilt.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh your scrappy quilt are always amazing so many little pieces but they just sparkle!