Thursday, August 27, 2015

Apple Core Edges

Since I have been asked how my apple core edges were done, here is my step-by-step 'how to'.  Enjoy!

My edges are made from strips of red fabric (2-1/4" wide) and they are appliquéd to the edges of my apple cores.  Some of you thought that I cut out a whole bunch of red apple cores, sewed them on and then squared up the edges to get a straight edge.  Nope, that was way too much work!  :o)
This is the one edge of my apple cores.  Where you see the white arrows, these edges have to be clipped and basted or turned under.  Since I don't do needle turn, they were basted instead.
When clipping, I always like to clip from the back so that my cut doesn't go too far.
Then I baste under those clipped edges.  The drawn curved line is my guide for turning under.
There, my edges are all turned under and I'm ready to start pinning and sewing them down.
To determine the amount of fabric needed to place my apple cores onto the strip of fabric, a bit of measuring is needed.  I place my ruler on the valley part of the apple core (see black arrows) and move it so that there is 1/4" for seam allowance.  Then I see on the top of the hill part of the apple core my measurement looks to be 1-1/8" in height.  To round off, I will chose to go with 1-1/4" and that will give me extra fabric to pin the valley edges to the red fabric..
On my strip of red fabric, I will mark off 1-1/4" from the bottom edge.  You can barely see the line, but just look at the arrow for guidance.
Then, I place my apple core (the hill will be right on the 1-1/4" marked line.  A lot of pins are used to secure the cores in place.  My pins will only go to where you see the vertical pin (see black arrow) and that is my stopping point for sewing.  There is a reason for this.
Below, I'm just appliquéing the edges to the red fabric.
Many of you have asked what thread I prefer to use for appliqué and for EPP.  Over the years, many different types of thread have been tried and discarded.  This brand of thread is my favourite.  It doesn't tend to tangle, it doesn't slide out of the needle, it doesn't get caught on the rough skin on my fingers and it doesn't fray.  This is my go-to thread all the time.  For my apple cores, this colour of thread was used throughout.  I did not switch to matching colour for every core.  It worked quite well.
The reason for stopping at the intersection between the blue and neutral print fabric is so that I have room to attach the next piece of red fabric (see the black arrow).  I can move the sewn apple core section out of the way.
My next red strip of fabric has been sewn on.  Yes, this is an odd area to have a seam; but this is the only way it will work because of the 1-1/4" marked line.  The corner apple core looks odd, but it is perfectly aligned.
My next section of apple core edges have been pinned in place and is ready for appliquéing.
This is what it looks like from the back once the edges have been appliquéd on.  Don't remove those papers just yet.  They are left there to act as a safety zone so that when trimming, you don't accidently cut into the apple core fabrics on the front.  Hmmm .... how do I know that could happen?  :o)
Following my appliquéd line, the excess red fabric is trimmed away leaving a good 1/4" seam allowance.
Once the excess fabric has been trimmed away, this is the time now to remove all the papers.
So, here are a number of my edges all sewn together.  I love it!
Did you see that missing chunk of section in the photo above?  Well, here it is ready to be worked on.
I still have another step that you need to know about, but I can't describe it to you at this time.  I need to make a whole bunch of apple cores and sew together the remaining 1/4 section and take photos for you to see.  This post will be edited when that time comes.

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

A good way to finish the quilt so it has straight edges! A couple of members of my local group have done something similar with hexagon quilts.

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Looks great! It is quite an accomplishment to make an apple core quilt. Thanks for sharing your process!

paulette said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing! Lovely watching an heirloom quilt in the making! Beautiful!

ferne said...

Love it! Thanks for explaining this. I just might have to give it a try. I love your results!

Chookyblue...... said...

interesting to see how you do this....thanks.......the apple cores is looking good........

eloidastitches said...

Thanks so much for sharing your method for doing this. Your quilt is gorgeous! love the red border, it makes all the colours sing!