Sunday, January 4, 2015

Under the wire

With just 10 minutes to spare before the ball dropped ending 2014, the last stitches on the binding got done and this quilt was finished:

I didn't make the top ..... I just machine quilted it.  This quilt is going to Victoria's Quilts here in North Bay.  The top was picked up at my night guild quilt meeting in January 2014 and I was darned if it would not be done before the year was out.  Victoria's Quilts are coming back to our night quilt guild tomorrow and it will be handed over to them. 

This quilt has been worked on throughout the year and I'm so glad to have it done.   It was hard to quilt as there is muslin behind each block.  The person who made this quilt used muslin instead of paper to make her pineapple blocks.  That is one reason why it took so long to finish this quilt as I really hated machine quilting it.  The border was easy to do, not the center.  Oh well .... it is done, it is finished. 

That is my goal:  finish

On that note, this tree skirt that has been under my Xmas tree for eon years really needed to be backed with flannelette and sewn together.  Finally, it has happened.

Finished and ready for Xmases to come.  It was done using the birthing method with top stitching all around.  Nothing fancy here ..... I just wanted it to be done.
Wildlife have been visiting our backyard lately.   This Pileated Woodpecker got busy tearing apart the suet ball.
We have seeds for feeding deer.  If our winter is going to be harsh, then we will put feed out for them.
Have a great day!


Julie Fukuda said...

Congratulations on the finish! ... and the start of new goals. Just think, you have a whole year to go on the next ones.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well done looks fantastic

Janet said...

It feels good to get these things done, I should take note.

Jennifer said...

A good ending to the year! Your wildlife is probably very grateful for those treats.