Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blog Followers

A couple of blog followers came for a visit and a show & tell.  What a lovely afternoon we had.

Cathy, (the lady in the plaid shirt) lived here in North Bay for many, many years and when I moved up here, she moved down to Brantford, Ontario.  I got to meet her through guild members.  She was at the October 2014 retreat that I attended and will be at the October 2015 retreat.  We will meet up again, then. Cathy was in town for a visit and was making her rounds to friends. 

Karin (in black shirt) does beautiful quilting, embroidery work, stained glass, needle work and rug hooking.  Karin was acting as tour guide and my studio was on her list of places to visit.  Can you see all the quilts stacked up behind them?  It was a lovely show and tell and I do love showing off my work.  :o)
Below, Claudia is a retired nurse and has recently rejoined our two guilds (one day time and one night time guild).  She has been following my blog for many years and it wasn't until I showed my hexagon quilt at day guild that she finally connected me to my blog.  She was sitting beside me and after showing my hexagon quilt, when I sat down she said to me "you are Rose Marie".  I said yes, that is my name.  She had no idea.  As you can tell, I really don't talk too much about my blog.  She was just so surprised.  Funny, eh!

Claudia does amazing EPP and embroidery and is a fabulous quilter.  She is the one that has inspired me to finish my UFO's.  That is why 12 of them got to the finished stage last year.  Claudia does amazing borders on her quilts and I will be needing a visit to her studio.  Karin, can you arrange it soon? 
All three ladies are urging me to start finishing off my tops.  

At both guilds, I am surrounded by very talented quilters and artists.  

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Definitely - having a network of like-minded people helps one's creativity, doesn't it!

Julie Fukuda said...

Having just recently spent a fantastic day with some blogging friends, I can imagine your time together. Hugs to you all!

eloidastitches said...

Oh what fun your day must have been!!! There is nothing like seeing each others work in person.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

So pleased you had a good day xx